Turkey Games and Free downloads

  • Whew! What a week! Adorable costumes and pumpkin singing games.

    Now it's time for our festive November singing games (pitch matching, singing in tune) including NO-VEM-BER and Turkey Feathers! If you are using the Rhythm Readers Pack 1-13 or Four Fall Songs, you have the lesson plans for these.

    If you don’t have a fun set of feathers, there’s still time for us to ship you a set. No felt board? We have that too! The kids love putting their feather on the bare turkey. See my favorite felts here.

    Just in case you missed it...here’s a Turkey Feather video playlist with 4 ideas how to use this song. With one fun idea, you or a child wear a belt so the (scarves) feathers can be "tucked in.”

    For more downloads and resources, visit:  MusicBox