Music Teachers

  • Early Childhood Music..Orff lessons..Music lesson plans..Music Teacher Resources..which website? which program? I have had a lot of questions about my busy, sometimes confusing musical website world! I hope to answer a few questions by describing the choices I offer music teachers on two websites. is n exciting early childhood music program, a Lynn Kleiner program based on the Orff philosophy of sing, dance, play, create and make music! Though the program leads beautifully into the Simply Music Piano program, which also does not begin with reading but playing, accompanying, arranging, improvising, etc, the Music Rhapsody early childhood music program is a stand alone program. You do not need to teach the piano program to teach the early childhood program. This program is a wonderful foundation for any future musical pursuit. It is perfect for teachers wanting an active music making program starting with parents and infants, toddlers, up to age 8.  Music Rhapsody Membership is open to all teachers who have taken the online or live training.  Teachers of ALL programs have attended this training, infants - grade 3. offers teachers printed and recorded music teaching resources to lead music classes with singing, movement and playing from infants through elementary. Felts, puppets and other colorful and delightful resources are available to purchase. The website also offers a variety of classes , babies through adults in Southern California. is an online resource for music teachers who choose to become a member or Music Box only (Music Rhapsody membership INCLUDES Music Box). Music Rhapsody staff  offers a personal tour to anyone who like  to look in the box for video workshops, lessons, concerts, classes, music downloads, lesson plans, and more. Teachers can ask any question, talk with each other, participate or read forum topics that seem to never grow old! Teachers with more than 35 years experience as well as brand new teachers sharing to make music an awesome experience for all children!


    If you still have questions, just ask!