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  • Important exciting NEWS!!! If you have taken Lynn’s early childhood teacher training course at any time, you are eligible to receive “Module One” containing FIFTY beautiful lesson plans, 10 lessons from 5 age groups, complete with a video of every activity showing Lynn with her students. You will have access to this huge resource and a training review at the Music Rhapsody site. Please read on about our new 2014 Music Rhapsody membership which includes Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box:

    Happy New Year Teachers!
    We are excited to announce some enhancements to the Music Rhapsody program starting January, 2014.

    No more per student education fees, no more monthly reporting, no annual licensing fee.
    Now MORE flexible – available for use in studios, schools, day cares, and community centers!

     We will now have a simple monthly fee of $25, which will be billed automatically to your credit card (minimum one year).

    This includes:

    • Membership to Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box (
      • Free downloads of recorded music, songs, articles, teaching visuals
      • Network with hundreds of enthusiastic early childhood teachers
      • Watch workshop videos, children’s concerts, special lessons
      • Ask Lynn and other Music Rhapsody teachers questions
      • So much more, including your own requests!
      • Access to the Music Rhapsody site (
        • Videos of Lynn with her students for every activity for infants – age 6

     40 weeks of lessons for each age group are available

    • Videos of complete lessons for every age group
    • Teacher training videos
    • and so much more!
    • Ability to purchase sequenced modules – each containing 10 detailed lesson plans and

    recorded music, organized into downloadable playlists

    • Ability to purchase the 5 levels, infants – age 6, of Simply Music Rhapsody Instrument/CD kits that coordinate with the SMR lesson plans
    • Access to Design Suite to assist in advertising/business aspects of SMR
    • Exclusive discounts in the Music Rhapsody online store (
    • Support and guidance from Lynn and her staff

    We are excited to make this transition into an easier and better Simply Music Rhapsody for YOU! Feel free to contact the office with any questions you might have about these changes and the exciting opportunities for the New Year.

    Best Wishes,
    Lynn Kleiner and Music Rhapsody


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  • Barb Bonisteel
    Barb Bonisteel What a fabulous opportunity for teachers Lynn! I am so excited to hear about the enhancements to the structure of simply music rhapsody. I wonder if you could share more details on how it pertains to getting lesson plan and videos for the remaining modules...
    January 11, 2014
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Since you already took my early childhood teacher training course, you are welcome to join Simply Music Rhapsody. The $25 per month will give you access to all the trainings and every single activity on video. This will be for 10 lesson plans for babie...  more
    January 11, 2014