Hatching Puppets for Spring

  • It's the time of year for most of us to start our spring songs. One of our all time favorites is "Who's That Hatching" from "In All Kinds of Weather" Book. (You can check the forum for more spring ideas and ideas for "Who's That Hatching". We have wonderful hatching finger puppets that you can purchase in the store. Please remember to use your Music Box Membership code to get your discount. We took a picture and put them all in a basket for you to see all the animals that we have available. Chick; duck; frog; hummingbird; lobster; barn owl; spotted owl; penguin; scarlet macaw; snake; turtle; ladybug; butterfly! These have been lots of fun for our students in all different age groups over the last years and I use them for many more songs individually throughout the year like "Larry the Lobster" (lobster), "Silly Sam" (snake); "Owl Song" (owl); "Come to the Farm" (chick, duck, turtle, hummingbird, barn owl, frog, ladybug, butterfly with some other farm finger puppets).   


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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Ah....thanks Ute! How did you get them all to smile?
    March 30, 2011