About Lynn


Before Lynn, there was Orff Schulwerk, and there was early childhood music education (well, a little bit). But no one had combined the two.

Lynn was first introduced to Orff Schulwerk in 1976, as an undergrad at Eastern Illinois University. The more she learned about it, the more impassioned she became: This was the way it should be done!

In 1983, after teaching in public schools in Illinois and Arizona, Lynn moved to Manhattan Beach, California, and began her own school, Music Rhapsody, focusing on early childhood and elementary music from an Orff approach. Most of her students were age 7 and under. It quickly became apparent to Lynn that the books, notes and resources she’d amassed over the years– as well as her training in Orff—were intended for older children.

That was the spark she needed.

Soon, Lynn was creating lessons and materials geared to the younger set—babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten…all based on Orff. Using a mix of singing, dancing and creativity, she began to incorporate felts and puppets, along with age-appropriate instruments. Where they didn’t exist—which was often the case—she made them herself.

The results were rewarding. The Orff philosophy promises that success in music making is possible for all levels of musical ability. With Lynn’s innovations, the promise now included kids of all ages.

Working with Cecilia Riddell, Lynn developed Kids Make Music and Babies Make Music, Too! The response was immediate. As teachers requested more and more, Lynn went on to develop concert materials, classical music-based lesson plans and her highly-popular books and CD’s like Jungle Beat, Songs of the Sea and Farm Songs and the Sound of Moo-sic.

Today, thousands of teachers from around the world depend on Lynn as an unending source of insight, knowledge and inspiration.


1976 - Lynn discovers Orff Schulwerk as an undergrad at Eastern Illinois University. General music methods teacher Mary Bialek introduces her to Orff philosophy and gives her the opportunity to use Orff instruments in practice lessons at local schools. Lynn is hooked.

Upon graduation, Lynn teaches for 3 years for Illinois public schools, then 2 years for Mesa Arizona Public Schools, teaching K-6.

Lynn becomes an active member of the Arizona Orff Chapter and attends workshops by leaders in Orff Schulwerk, including many by Grace Nash and Avon Gillespie. She also studies with Phyllis Weikart, attending full day workshops and her 2 week training course.

Lynn enrolls in the Orff course at the University of Arizona, studying with her mentor from Mesa Public Schools, Dick Watt.

In 1981, Lynn receives a Gunild Keetman scholarship to attend Grace Nash’s 3 week Orff level training course.

1982-85 Lynn continues summer Orff level trainings including master level courses with Jos Wuytack, and Richard Gill

California calls: Lynn’s husband, a native of Manhattan Beach, convinces her to make the move in 1983.

Lynn begins Music Rhapsody (says Lynn, “It was the only way to have an Orff-based music teaching job!”) She becomes an active member of the Los Angeles Orff chapter, eventually serving as president. She continues her Orff level training, reaching the Master level with Jos Wuytack, from Belgium and Richard Gill, from Australia.

Lynn becomes a frequent presenter for local Orff chapter workshops. In 1987, she presents at her first MENC national conference; in 1991, at her first national AOSA conference. She has been a popular presenter for these organizations ever since.

As Lynn refines and develops Orff-based early childhood classes, she becomes a tireless proponent, educating parents, teachers and schools to the possibilities of her approach. Her classes gain in popularity, both at her school and at preschools and elementary schools. Thanks to Cecilia Riddell, materials were written and recorded.

Kids Make Music and Babies Make Music, Too establish Lynn as a forerunner and innovator. Materials, instruments, plans, workshops and training courses follow as Lynn’s infectious enthusiasm spreads across the country. Eventually, she will become an international presence, teaching in Europe, Asia and Australia.

2000 In All Kinds of Weather

2003 - Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move, Sound Shape Play Book

2005 - Jungle Beat

2008 - Songs of the Sea

2008 - Music Rhapsody celebrates its 25th anniversary.

2010 - November, The start of Lynn Kleiner's Music Box – Have you joined yet?

2010 - Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic

2011 - Plan with Simply Music to have Lynn's early childhood curriculum lead smoothly into the piano program.

Neil Moore, Cathy Moore and Robin Keehn from Simply Music attend Lynn's summer training course.

The Simply Music Piano Program begins at Music Rhapsody's summer and school year schedule.

2012 - First teacher training licensing program for Simply Music Rhapsody started in 2012.

2013 - Online Training, Music Rhapsody Membership (which includes Music Box Membership)

2013 - My Trip to the Mountains

2019 - Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures

2020 - Music Box 10 Year Anniversary!