• Pick Your Topics For 2 Mini Workshops!

    Posted Mar 5 by Lynn Kleiner


    I loved seeing everyone at our last mini workshops zoom session and have had some requests to do it again. So here’s the survey to see what top 2 topics will win this time. Like last time, you can& Read More...

  • Peace Like A River Is Back With New Activities!

    Posted Feb 12 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here’s a little love song and dance from me and the Music Rhapsody Teachers! Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc…any day is a good day to spread love and happiness! Read More...

  • Drum or Percussion Circles for Kids

    Posted Jan 22 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Drum Circles  include "free play" for exploration, improvisation, enjoying the groove! But having structured activities bring a lot of fun and satisfaction to the music making group. One source that is very helpfu Read More...

  • Fun, Easy Songs For Percussion Activities

    Posted Jan 22 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Whether its kitchen instruments, Remo drums or Sound Shapes, or assorted percussion, here’s a couple of fun, easy songs that can offer little solo opportunities, splitting the group for s Read More...

  • New Opportunities For Online/Virtual Training & Resources

    Posted Jan 8 by Lynn Kleiner


    Due to continuing California health concerns, we are extending our virtual/online training and resource specials! Save $100 when you sign up for Liv Read More...

  • Jingle Bells Video, Easiest Way To Learn 4 Holiday Hits

    Posted November 20, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Time for Holidays means Time in the Kitchen! Including new spices! All Around the Kitchen pack now has interactive PowerPoint! Here’s a look at a few of the NEW slides&nbs Read More...

  • Baking, Cooking, Kitchen Theme for Thanksgiving Music Making

    Posted November 5, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 558 Views

    A Baking/Cooking Theme for Musical Holiday Food lessons! (Any questions on any of these, just click Ask Lynn on the homepage of Music Box! Not a member? send questions to  Lynn is ready to h Read More...

  • New Rhythm Readers Visuals Plus November Fun Playlist

    Posted October 30, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Thank you to all of our dedicated teachers who participated in my 4 Mini Workshops on Wednesday! The workshop recording, workshop notes and resources will be emailed to those who registered. Didn&rs Read More...

  • Your Mini Workshop Choices, Video For Creative Movement/Speech

    Posted October 16, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    On October 28, 4pm Pacific Time, I will be presenting 4 mini workshops and you can choose which 4! Pick your top 4 here! I will present the top 4. Read More...

  • Donnie The Donkey Plus Recording Of 10 Year Anniversary Q & A

    Posted October 14, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    A big thanks to Donnie the Donkey (YES! Its true, I’m so excited he’s finally back!), our puppy, and sheep, for sharing the talents they use to be our most helpful assistants during zoom lesso Read More...

  • Celebrate 10 Years Of Music Box With Us!

    Posted October 2, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    Join me this month to celebrate the 10 year Anniversary of Music Box! I am so grateful to the members who have supported our amazing community of like-minded teachers! Here’s a few ways we will be celebratin Read More...

  • A New Animated Video to Share With Your Students - Stars!

    Posted September 18, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    Our new animated videos, recordings with and without vocals and simple props and movement, make it easier for remote and live performances. Here’s a look at Stars from my Holiday Songs and Winter Adventu Read More...

  • More Remote Learning Resources Plus Remote Performances

    Posted August 28, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    The start of our school year is almost here and we're so excited! We're letting parents know about all our different classroom options - indoor, outdoor, and Zoom! Music Rhapsody Members: new Remote Lesson Packs a Read More...

  • Rhythm Readers - Remote Learning Hacks With Teacher Adrienne

    Posted July 17, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    With openings and closings so uncertain during this time, lesson planning and preparing for the possibility of remote learning is even more important! We've added hundreds of amazing PowerPoin Read More...

  • New Rhythm Readers PowerPoint Slides!

    Posted July 10, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    I am so excited to introduce hundreds of beautiful PowerPoint slides included with our Rhythm Readers Module 1 for Music Rhapsody members! Rhythm Readers is an excellent choice since we can easily u Read More...

  • Puppets With A Purpose & St. Patrick's Day Resources

    Posted March 6, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    There are some great discussions going on in Music Box right now. Classroom management, puppets, gathering drum and more. Get in on the conversation! And while you’re in the Box, check out FIVE FREE dow Read More...

  • Echo Patterns, How to Begin

    Posted March 5, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner

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    I have seen teachers start way too hard, causing frustration by the students and the teacher. As one of my teachers said K.I.S.S.  (Keep it Simple Silly!) I make a big deal about waiting until I have my turn. I use Read More...

  • A Story With Music For You & 1 Month Left to Save Big

    Posted February 14, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    How about a music vacay this summer? Something that'll make you fall even more in love with teaching? Join me for teacher training in Redondo Beach, CA or Newark, NJ! Only ONE month left! Register by March 15, an Read More...

  • Kindergarten - 100 Day Celebration Rhymes with Percussion

    Posted February 6, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    Schools often celebrate the 100th day of Kindergarten. Here's a few ideas from Lynn Kleiner for a counting celebration activity. After introducing the rhymes using echos, students stand around the para Read More...

  • Fall in love with your job this summer!

    Posted January 31, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    Come join me for a dynamic, highly interactive music teacher training course, covering early childhood through elementary (including Orff and recorder). Whether you come for the sandy beaches of Redondo Beach, Cali Read More...

  • Free Love Theme Pack and Why Recorder Rookies Works

    Posted January 24, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    I was asked for a list of songs, stories and the notes introduced in the Recorder Rookies lesson plan packs. Have a look! We never get tired of these lessons! Here’s the list. Here’s a couple pict Read More...

  • Creative Movement, lesson ideas and a video to inspire!

    Posted January 10, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    I hope this video will inspire you and your students to create a magical snowfall through movement. Glockenspiels and metallophones can very easily add sparkle to this lesson too! Before watching the video, here&r Read More...

  • New Year lessons, and a cover for the Gathering Drum

    Posted January 6, 2020 by Lynn Kleiner


    Have a listen to the Orff players and singers bringing in the New Year!                                       Read More...

  • A Christmas Cat Song, an award, and more from Holiday Songs and

    Posted December 20, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Thanks to our member Carla for posting this precious picture in Music Box of her class acting out “Oscar the Cat” from "What’s That on the Tree". This song is from Holiday Song Read More...

  • Calming Lessons, Saving Your Voice

    Posted December 6, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Well, here we go, the December crazy times! Many of you know, I am personally trying to spend a little more time relaxing, and the staff in our schools and parents in our studio classes all seem to be looking for w Read More...

  • Twirling Two Year Olds, New Vocal Harmony

    Posted November 22, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    All of us at Music Rhapsody are so thankful for your commitment and the joy you bring to your students through music! And I know all of your students are thankful to have you as wonderful teachers. Take a look at Read More...

  • The new Turkey Song Video, activities for all ages!

    Posted November 15, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    From a simple dance to Orff with recorder, this song just makes you smile! Here’s our animated video to introduce the children to the Turkey Song and give yourself some much needed vocal rest! (It's short, so Read More...

  • Rhythm Reader Lesson Extension, Classroom Turkey List

    Posted November 8, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here’s our favorite “must have items” for the best Turkey Activities! Shoo Turkey and Turkey Feathers (instrumental track) - Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic Turkey Song Pictures - Digital Read More...

  • Napping, Sleeping, Calming Music Theme

    Posted October 24, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    The doctor’s orders for me to rest and a Teacher’s dilemma of children laying down during class got me thinking of a Napping/Sleeping/Relaxing Theme!  This is a great de-stressing theme for me, and maybe Read More...

  • Lynn's Holiday Workshop Video is Ready!

    Posted October 21, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    NEW and FREE in MUSIC BOX! Full Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures Workshop Video Playlist Workshop Notes (to accompany the videos) And just in case you know someone without Holiday Songs and Winter Advent Read More...

  • Lynn's October Training Cohort starts now, on YOUR schedule!

    Posted October 15, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Last Friday's cohort of new Online Teachers was so much fun! We hope to see many more faces at our second cohort, which is this Thursday, October 17, 4pm PST! If this Thursday doesn't work for you, Ann will Read More...

  • Spiders! Lessons for every age level!

    Posted October 4, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Eensy Weensy Spider is a huge annual hit for solo singing and solo playing by the entire class using our amazing little glockenspiels! E.W. Spider Visuals are FREE this week to all Music Box Members. Read More...

  • September Solos, Shakers and Stars

    Posted September 27, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    This week, I had a request for the “Sandy Sandy Sand” video from my Teacher Training Course. Whether you take live or online training, this song is used as an example of LOTS of opportunities for sol Read More...

  • Movement and Percussion, So Much Fun!

    Posted September 20, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    I’m so excited for the September 28 Workshop in Pasadena! New Videos! The first, Ten Froggies (Orff, movement, felt set) shows more an adult version of the movement, since the jumping is only on the Read More...

  • Here's Vinnie the Vole!

    Posted September 13, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here’s another character from my new book, Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures! Vinnie the Vole lives with friends and family under the snow in the song "Subnivean". This topic is so exciting (t Read More...

  • Meet Oscar the Cat!

    Posted August 30, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    If you have already purchased my new book, you know there is an exciting area called Digital Resources where you can find visuals, manipulatives, videos, student handouts, and more. The exciting part of this area i Read More...

  • Tips for Tears on the First Day!

    Posted August 23, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Do your youngest students look like this on the first day? For 41 years, I have had cryers on the first day (sometimes me, just kidding!). Tips for Tears on the First Day Not a lot a transitions Read More...

  • Everything You Need to Know About Mallets for Orff!

    Posted August 17, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    I recently visited a music teacher and realized a bit of mallet education would come in handy. A few tips about which mallets went where (and why) immediately made a difference in achieving an improved sound. Read More...

  • More on Classroom Management, plus my HOLIDAY WORKSHOP!

    Posted August 9, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    WOW! What an exciting response to the topic CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT! We had hundreds of teachers who were on the waitlist, since we could only take 100 attendants for each of our webinars. Here are a few more tips on Music Read More...

  • One More Webinar Due To Popular Demand!!

    Posted August 2, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Our Elementary Classroom Management Webinar has filled up, but don't worry, we added a second time! So if you didn’t get in, join Coach Ann and I on Monday, August 5, at 6:15-7:00 PST for an Elementary Classr Read More...

  • A Classroom Management Webinar, plus Q & A time with Lynn

    Posted July 26, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Coach Ann and I invite you to a webinar! Elementary Classroom Management Video, with Discussion, Q & A August 5, 5:00-5:45pm PST RSVP HERE! We will request your questions ahead of time so we’re sure to cover ev Read More...

  • New Free Download, A Few Frog Packs Left, First Ten Prize

    Posted July 19, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    FREE in Music Box! A new download for singing, stories, dances and instrument ideas all about frogs! See why this is such a musical theme! HURRY! In case you missed it, here’s the related frog activity v Read More...

  • It's FINALLY here!

    Posted July 12, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    I'm so excited to announce that my latest book and CD, Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures, is finally HERE! AND… there’s a new workshop planned too! I can’t wait to share all this with Read More...

  • Rainforest Frog Lesson Video and a Special Theme Pack!

    Posted June 28, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

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    It's a theme within a theme! Here’s a Rainforest Frog Theme Pack for singing, moving, playing and creating in the jungle. Check out a few teaching tips in this video! The Rainforest Frog Pack  Read More...

  • Teachers and Kids Take Survey - The Same Favorite Activities!

    Posted June 21, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    At the end of every school year, I ask the children what their favorite activities were. I also survey the teachers after the training to find out if there’s something they especially enjoy. The two thin Read More...

  • New Resources, An Event, and A Sweet Goodbye Song!

    Posted June 7, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 4 Likes 765 Views

    There’s exciting new resources coming this month to both Music Box and Music Rhapsody Members, designed to make your school year easier and more FUN! To see levels of membership, click here. BIG NEWS! For Read More...

  • Adorable Ocean Decorations and Summer Fun!

    Posted May 31, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    It's concert season, and that means I finished another Songs of the Sea concert today! The children decorated our concert venue with scuba men, jellyfish, and of course, Larry the Lobster! Look Read More...

  • See how 3-7 year-olds “play” I, IV and V chord changes!

    Posted May 17, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    The children love the lessons, and you love your job! That’s what happens when you teach the right thing at the right time. Students are more engaged and successful, and you're happier because o Read More...

  • Train with Lynn in your pajamas!

    Posted May 13, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    My live teacher training in LA and NYC is a month away, and I couldn't be more excited! BUT, I couldn't help but notice all of the teachers who mentioned that despite how much they wanted to come, they weren't Read More...

  • Why it’s an extra happy Mother’s Day for me!

    Posted May 10, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Wow, just in time for a Mother’s Day celebration, my son and I finished 38 recordings with vocals and accompaniment tracks for my upcoming book Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures! I&r Read More...

  • Four Songs of the Sea Concerts last week and what I really love

    Posted May 3, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    As always, Scuba Man was a big hit at the Songs of the Sea Concerts last week! I loved how the alto metallophone can accompany Scuba Man so beautifully. Just play these chords in root posit Read More...

  • Butterflies Make Lessons Even Brighter!

    Posted April 26, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    I can’t believe most of us are in Module 4 now! I know I say this about ALL the modules, but this has so many of my favorites! The past month or so, the amazing butterfly migration here in Southern Calif Read More...

  • Ear Training, Singing, Playing with Hatching Babies

    Posted April 19, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    "Who’s that tapping? Who’s that scratching?" From our toddlers, preschoolers, and K-2, everyone loves singing "Who's That Hatching" and playing with their hatching babies! Each child picks a baby animal for Read More...

  • You Won't Believe These Numbers!

    Posted April 12, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    There's only a few days left to save $100 on live teacher training! Here’s what you get if you sign up today: 100 dollars in savings if you register before April 15 40 years of experience f Read More...

  • Props, Games and Spring Fun!

    Posted April 5, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Happy Spring! Music Box is full of ideas for Earth Day, Easter, and Spring! A teacher asked if my lessons plans work in elementary schools, since the videos I share are from my small studio classes. YES! Our elementary Read More...

  • Puppets with a Purpose and Spring Lessons for You!

    Posted March 29, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    In the spirit of spring and all of the gardens to awaken in the next few months, our featured weekly free lesson and recording in Music Box is "Snail and Mouse." We use this activity with the tots all the way u Read More...

  • Repetition with Variety, here’s a few for Scuba Man!

    Posted March 22, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here's another hit from our Ocean Theme! I'm all about repetition with variety! Here's one way we played "Scuba Man" in class. Check out the video and find the felt set at the Music Rhapsody shop here. Click here t Read More...

  • This Weekend's Inside Secret at Music Rhapsody!

    Posted March 16, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Hi folks! Just wanted to share the fact that our web techie will not be available to change the discount price on this year's teacher training until Monday, so if you would still like the biggest savings on LIVE su Read More...

  • It's the LAST DAY!!

    Posted March 15, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    If you register by today, you save $150 on this summer's Teacher Training! It's not too late to plan an exciting summer vacation at the beaches of California or big city of New York. We have several signups already Read More...

  • Parachute Activities from your MR Members Video and CD

    Posted March 8, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    As always, our awesome MR Members can attend live teacher training for half tuition, BUT, if you register by March 15, it's half off our earliest special rate. It's not too late to plan an exciting summer vacation a Read More...

  • What's the #1 Instrument for Young Kids?

    Posted March 1, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Making up verses, making up movement, decisions on form, working with others -- these are just a few of the things we see in the music room that come from a creative Orff approach. “Catching” them with ideas Read More...

  • Leprechaun Adventures and a Look at Matilda

    Posted February 22, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here’s a lucky list for all of you! Spring and St. Patrick’s Day ideas! Of course, hiding brings excitement and anticipation that kids love, and a few of these type of adventures are included. A Spring Read More...

  • 5 Little Monkeys and One Month Left to Save Big!

    Posted February 15, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    It's not just a song! “Five Little Monkeys” has drama, emotion, adventure, suspense, and joy! In this clip, watch and listen to our young ones pretend to be monkeys as they go for a walk, spread out their bla Read More...

  • Gathering Drum, Uke Lesson, and a New Concert Plan!

    Posted February 8, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Planning concerts around a theme is always motivating for me. Choosing songs, creating our own verses and movement, solo singing, playing instruments, and beat keeping are all beautiful demonstrations of what we do in ou Read More...

  • Baby and Toddler Music, Recommendations for Teachers new in thi

    Posted February 2, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 900 Views

    Baby/Toddler Music Classes:  I was asked about many questions about baby and toddler music so thought I would give my recommendations for teachers who are new to working with Early Childhood, specifically Baby/Toddl Read More...

  • Love and Valentine's Day!

    Posted February 1, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    The story “Ferdinand” has always been a classroom favorite of mine when love is the theme. This lesson plan is great for dynamics, creating your own accompaniment (soft for Ferdinand, loud for his r Read More...

  • Summer Training is Just Around the Corner!

    Posted January 29, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Although it's still January, summer is just around the corner, which means Teacher Training is too! This year, I'm offering training workshops in both Los Angeles and New York City. I hope to see you all there! Read More...

  • Winter Stories with Music, Valentines Day

    Posted January 21, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    This month at Music Rhapsody, we held our annual Open House Week, where we opened up our doors to the community with several free events and classes for children of all ages. One of my favorite events was Winter St Read More...

  • Snowmen singing, moving, and playing -- winter bliss!

    Posted January 11, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    Hi folks! Take a listen to some of our students singing and playing this snowman classic! Accompanying visuals are also available with Orff orchestration, both free in Music Box this week (you can use the Read More...

  • New Year Activity, Elementary Music

    Posted January 3, 2019 by Lynn Kleiner


    “New Year, New Year” is a fun way to start 2019 elementary lessons, with students playing some Big Ben sounds on the Orff instruments and singing about their New Year’s resolutions! This is now fre Read More...

  • Elementary Music Lesson Plans, A New Recorder Rookies Set!

    Posted December 31, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 1,478 Views

    Recorder Lesson plans! Our fourth set of Recorder Rookies, lessons 19-25, is here! Don’t be fooled by its name -- I have teachers who use my “Recorder Rookies” lessons in elementary music classes witho Read More...

  • Singing with Toddlers, Recorder with Elementary

    Posted December 1, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Working with many age groups is so much fun for me! This week, I saw everything from babies to adults with special needs. Each group had me saying "this is my favorite!" Here's a few highlights. Yesterday, I had "Toddle Read More...

  • Drumming, Holiday Bell Passing and Bear Drumming

    Posted November 29, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    I am thankful for YOU! Thanks so much for all the efforts you make for your students. I am thankful for my students. Do you know what your students are thankful for?  Here's a couple of ways to find out … T Read More...

  • Preschool and Elementary Holiday Program with Recorder

    Posted November 13, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Recorder Rookies I love to make lesson plans fun with stories, like Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears, from my Recorder Rookies lesson plan 7-9. Here’s a short clip of my students, sharing the story with Read More...

  • Turkey Games and Free downloads

    Posted November 13, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Whew! What a week! Adorable costumes and pumpkin singing games. Now it's time for our festive November singing games (pitch matching, singing in tune) including NO-VEM-BER and Turkey Feathers! If you are using the Rhyth Read More...

  • Halloween means time to finalize Holiday Plans!

    Posted October 26, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    These are just a few of the topics new this week in Music Box. Christmas Caroling with kindergarten students Using the parachute with the baby class Assorted whacky instruments for sound effects Halloween signals Read More...

  • A Silly, not very Scary Story and Other Musical Treats

    Posted October 22, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    This well-known story lends itself well to experiencing tempo changes as the Little Old Lady walks/runs at different speeds. Use Orff instruments and your Italian music vocabulary (lento, adagio, allegro, presto!, etc.) Read More...

  • Pumpkin Game and a Video Request

    Posted October 12, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Year after year, I am delighted with the children's singing and drawing when playing this pumpkin game (this video and activity is from Rhythm Readers Lesson Plans). I've never had two finished pumpkins that look alike! Read More...

  • A Turkey Feathers Playlist

    Posted October 5, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    First of all, big thanks to Gary King and Shenanigans for this, their music is fabulous. This recording, Cross Dance, is from a collection Music Rhapsody uses in all levels of lesson plans, early childhood to elementary, Read More...

  • A peek at Rhythm Readers Music Lesson Plans

    Posted September 28, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 1,397 Views

    Here's a bit from one of our Rhythm Reader plans showing the movement part of the lesson. This is in lesson 3 & 4, based on half notes for the slow walk to look for frogs (remember, we just had "Froggy Goes to School" to Read More...

  • Fall Music Lesson Plans - An Exciting Topic to Sing About!

    Posted September 21, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Maximum participation happens when our music lesson is about COSTUMES! You can see and feel the excitement rise when you talk about the fun of seeing trick-or-treaters at your door. Explain to your class that you would Read More...

  • Goodbye Song, Crazy how much they learn about music from this o

    Posted September 14, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Many of my teacher friends have heard me say to choose one of the orchestral goodbye songs from Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move and do it all year long. That's because one orchestral piece can lend itself well to a year's Read More...

  • Engaging Fall Preschool, Kindergarten Music Lessons

    Posted September 7, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Here's some of my favorite puppets, felts, props and visuals for fall lessons. You can keep the attention of young children when you use statements like "Look! How many numbers am I putting on the felt board?" And "what Read More...

  • An Orff Approach means More than Singing

    Posted June 27, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    An Orff Approach! Rarely do we have an activity where we are just sitting or standing and singing. We are rocking, patsching, marching, playing while we sing. Starting with our youngest classes, you will see us tapping t Read More...

  • 8 Reasons Why this Song has to Be in Your Pocket!

    Posted June 15, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    I love "I love the mountains" for so many reasons. 1. The memories for the adults "I remember that one from camp when I was a kid!" 2. The easy sing-along part for everyone No matter what the age group everyone can sin Read More...

  • A special goodbye song, the last class

    Posted May 19, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Want something special for the last day of classes? Need a song for the graduation? A parent visit? How about a musical hug for the classroom teachers or thanks to the PTO? Here's a NEW ARRANGEMENT of an awesome choice! Read More...

  • Brand New Recordings! Have a listen!

    Posted May 14, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 1,389 Views

    As we get close to the end of this school year, I’m feeling the love to the dedicated teachers who attended workshops, courses, online training, purchased new resources, instruments, and so many did this with their Read More...

  • Two ways to hide sleeping grizzly bears at a Mountain concert

    Posted May 4, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    If you are looking for a great way to teach dynamics and music vocabulary, it doesn't get more exciting than Grizzly Bear from My Trip to the Mountains book/CD! Even the youngest love to Crescendo! There are several opti Read More...

  • What does the Mountain Theme look like? Take a peek!

    Posted April 27, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Last week was the "Week of the Young Child." We had workshops for teachers, assemblies for schools, kindergarten celebrations and many school concerts. This year, we are following our mountain theme so we selected songs Read More...

  • An Apple for the Teacher! Look Who’s Back!

    Posted April 23, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Yes! Its true! The Worm in the Apple puppet is back! Its been a long time without him and the homemade models just didn’t have the same personality. For years, we used our magic apple to learn the children&rsquo Read More...

  • A Request from One of our Schools

    Posted April 13, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    When we get the request in our schools for Earth Day ideas, it's quite easy to offer suggestions by showing our "Love for Our Planet" theme books about the ocean, mountains, farms, and rain forest. If you are new to our Read More...

  • Gathering Drum: 20 Experiences

    Posted April 6, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    I've had several teachers ask me about activities for the Gathering Drum. Those of you who have been to my online or live training course know that I use this amazing instrument in every lesson, every week in 6 age group Read More...

  • Gathering Drum Activities by Lynn Kleiner

    Posted April 5, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Gathering Drum! The list of activities and benefits is larger than the drum itself!  Here’s just 20 of the experiences common in Lynn Kleiner’s Drumming Activities: Beat Form Phrasing Dynamics Tem Read More...

  • Pitch matching and movement activity led by a Rabbit?

    Posted March 23, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Its Bunny time! Listen to the "Jack in the Box" song (from Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!) with our Rabbit in the Hat lyrics. Sitting in a circle, we all tap the beat and sing "Rabbit in the Hat so quiet and st Read More...

  • Music Class, Keeping Young Children engaged

    Posted March 16, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 1,430 Views

    Once again I take you back in time to my classroom long, long ago. But the amazing thing is, the children love to hear about the magical wee little man and his wee little bag as much now as they did then. Listen to their Read More...

  • Watch How A little Story & A Little Prop Inspire Musical Play

    Posted March 9, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Let's go back in time (way back) and see how my wee little shoe from my wee little bag (I punched small holes in a suede shoe insert and used a very large needle and yarn) inspires musical playing of finger cymbals. Rem Read More...

  • A Concert Planning Video

    Posted March 2, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    My staff and I are presenting "My Trip to the Mountains" theme this year. Here's a video on concert planning, our transition song and why it's an important part of our concert. Read More...

  • A Peek at Young Orffans, Exploration Time, Listen for the End

    Posted February 23, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Things are looking very green in Music Box since we are thinking about what is ahead in March! Read my blog for some fun freebies for St. Patrick's Day and year round fun, too. EXPLORATION TIME! (with a little descripti Read More...

  • See the Love, Energy and Creativity of this Activity

    Posted February 14, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Happy Valentines Day! JOY! That's what we feel when we have music and movement! These are students from my ensemble from years ago making up their moves to this classic love song, Love will Keep us Together. I still get Read More...

  • 4 Counting Favorites, Percussion, Orff, Movement and More

    Posted February 9, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here are 4 of our favorite ways to celebrate 100 Days of Kindergarten Celebration! 1. 100 Days of CountingThere are endless possibilities of Counting songs and Rhymes with percussion and movement!Check out the Percussio Read More...

  • A Toddler Music Activity for Valentine’s Day

    Posted February 2, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    Share a ride with your darlin' (or your best friend) in the little red wagon. Enjoy my baby class going for a little adventure. (Additional verses are on the recording) See the video here! Get more verses on the recor Read More...

  • Teaching the Kids who Won't Stop Moving, Take a Peek!

    Posted January 19, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 1,377 Views

    Tired of the snow already? Let's warm our hearts with some love songs! Music Box is full of Valentine activities for every age level: babies, tots, preschool and elementary too. Just type Valentine in the SEARCH feature Read More...

  • Hula Hoops & Scarves! Don't miss this one!

    Posted January 12, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1,592 Views

    One of our members requested ideas for a Circus theme program. This brought back many memories of this delightful theme. When you enter "Circus" in the SEARCH feature in the top of the Music Box menu bar, two forum discu Read More...

  • Stories with Music from an Orff Approach, Six Reasons Why!

    Posted January 4, 2018 by Lynn Kleiner


    My Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary Music Lesson Plans all include Stories with Music (from an active Orff approach of course!) Here’s some top reasons why I think my selection of stories are one of the most Read More...

  • Help With Your 2018 Lesson & Concert Planning before Jan. 6

    Posted December 22, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    To prepare for your weekly lessons and concerts in the new year, I will be available in Music Box throughout the next few weeks. This is a fun place to chat, ask questions, get free downloads and recordings, and receive Read More...

  • Penguin Inspired Music Lessons for Winter, PreK, Kindergarten a

    Posted December 15, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    We are having so much fun with our little winter penguin friend. This is our annual gift to our students. Here's a few of the activities we're doing with our holiday friend this week. Read my blog about winter music l Read More...

  • Winter music lessons for preschool, kinder–elem, a penguin them

    Posted December 14, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    A penguin theme is adorable for music lessons in the winter or at a holiday camp. I found these precious penguins at one of the online discount stores and purchased a class set. At my Music Rhapsody studio, children each Read More...

  • Felt Board

    Posted December 12, 2017 by Kristi Taylor

    1 Comment 3,292 Views

    With the felt board, How do you get something you have laminated to stick to the felt board?  I asked a craft store today and they said Velcro, but I think it would tear up the board.   thank you  

  • A Ukulele Request, NEW Lesson Plans, Holiday Additional 10% off

    Posted December 8, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    The NEW and much improved edition of Rhythm Readers Lesson Plan Pack 14-25 is here! Take a peek at Lynn and her students and see the fun and learning! Read More...

  • Chanukah ideas and festive percussion activities

    Posted December 6, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    I had a request for a Chanukah song. “Take a Potato” is one of my favorite. Get out your gathering drum or hand drums and play on the repeated words, then RUMBLE (tremolo) on the "Oh!" You can also use this f Read More...

  • Holiday Concerts for preschool, kindergarten, easy festive idea

    Posted November 17, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    A few props can add so much to your Holiday Concert. Whether its inviting parents to the classroom for some songs or having the kids up on stage, adding just one "theme" item will bump up the "Ah, so precious" factor. It Read More...

  • Singing and Dancing Gingerbread Men!

    Posted November 8, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Preschool and Kindergarten Music Classes will love this holiday lesson. Check out the video of the Gingerbread Man dancing the Trepak from the Nutcracker.  FREE to our members this week only! My Music Gingerbread Read More...

  • Preschool Holiday Concert Plan, The Best Request ever!

    Posted November 7, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    I have many requests for assistance with holiday shows from my own teaching staff, from preschools and elementary schools, as well as Music Rhapsody and Music Box members. Last week, a school contacted me for help with t Read More...

  • Thanksgiving Music Lesson - Check out this student’s idea for T

    Posted November 3, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Click below to watch two renditions of Turkey Feathers! First up, a dress with multiple belt loops led this student to her idea for this dancing turkey! (the recording is Turkey Feathers Instrumental version) from Farm Read More...

  • Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary Holiday Concert Planning

    Posted October 31, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 2 Likes 1,915 Views

    Early Childhood Holiday Concert I have many requests for assistance with holiday shows from my own teaching staff, from preschools and elementary schools, as well as Music Rhapsody and Music Box members. Last week, one Read More...

  • Spiders! Lessons for every music class!

    Posted October 16, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    The Music Box Blog and Forum are full of ideas for every age level. Here's a few for the popular SPIDER theme! Here's one perfect for the amazing Gathering Drum! (Hand drums will work too) Eensy Weensy Spider is a huge Read More...

  • Pumpkin Music! Here's some that never get

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    I like to give options for visuals, puppets, and props. Choices to purchase or make. Here's plenty of choices for your pumpkins for the rhyme I use for beat keeping, pitch matching solos and drumming "Five Little Jack-o' Read More...

  • Recorder, Puppets from Lynn Kleiner

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Your motivation to learn and be better for your students is obvious by your requests, questions and certainly by the number of you that have gone through training and become members! WOW! Thank you!   This week's Read More...

  • Solos and "Call and Response" for your Ks,

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    I've had a few requests so I'll share those with you the next couple weeks. The Spanish and English lyrics were not included with our digital download of the beloved Spanish Music Rhapsody CD. Thanks to your requests, w Read More...

  • So many games, so many benefits!

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    This week's featured video is a floor game from the Babies Make Music curriculum. Whether you are a teacher, aunt or uncle, parent or grandparent, the baby training from the online or live training is SUPER beneficial! F Read More...

  • A song for our Texas children and one for y

    Posted October 10, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    I cannot stop thinking of our teachers, their families, friends and communities in Texas. Here's a video to encourage quick evaporation! MISTER SUN Lynn Kleiner's Music Rhapsody Read More...

  • zip files not opening - Stranger in the Woods

    Posted September 15, 2017 by Claudia Akridge

    3 Comments 14,957 Views

    Hi Lynn, Stranger in the Woods (zip file) will not open on my Mac at home nor my Dell at school. Can you please check into this please :-)    Thank you,    Claudia 

  • zip files

    Posted September 10, 2017 by Claudia Akridge

    2 Comments 30,005 Views

    Hello Lynn and Music Box / Music Rhapsody folks, I've not had this problem before, but what do I do to get the zip files to open??? I am a Mac user. Claudia Akridge, from Georgia

  • Lynn's wedding pic and a $5 store credit

    Posted August 28, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    The Wedding was beautiful! Here's my daughter and her new husband! And now its time for school! Do you have trouble learning all those names? Do you have a favorite name game or something you use to help you remember Read More...

  • September Teaching Tips from Lynn

    Posted August 16, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    As we all gear up for the beginning of the school year, I prepare for family, friends, flowers, food and lots of air mattresses to arrive at our home in anticipation for our daughter’s wedding! We are excited to ho Read More...

  • Music and Movement with Classical Music and Props

    Posted August 8, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Music and Movement activities with props for preschool and elementary music lessons can make listening to classical orchestral music something they request over and over! These jellyfish made from extra large coffee filt Read More...

  • Newsletter 7.21.17

    Posted July 27, 2017 by Newsletter Recap

    1 Like 3,420 Views

      I have had such fun over the past month with our live and online teacher training. Here are some photos from the live trainings and online training cohorts. Is my turkey gone? Not yet! Music Read More...

  • Music Camp or Concert; Adding art work to a Garden Theme

    Posted May 31, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Preschool or Kindergarten Music Camp gives extra time for art work. Or classroom teachers may enjoy having their students decorate for their spring or summer concert. The pictures below show how a few classrooms turned t Read More...

  • Newsletter 5.19.17

    Posted May 22, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


    I have had a few requests this week that are sure to make you smile! Here is a summer theme that is great for summer camps and end of school year fun. My blog has plenty of summer hits – who doesn’t lov Read More...

  • Newsletter 4.28.17

    Posted May 1, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


      One of our members asked for a story with music using percussion and it reminded me of our “Don’t Wake Up Mama” since Mother’s Day is coming up! Great for sound effects, I have add Read More...

  • Spring Music Lessons, A Garden Theme

    Posted March 29, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 3,386 Views

    Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic is great for a GARDEN theme! All Around the Gardeners Bench: Easy Orff, an opportunity for solos (pitch matching/singing in tune), a time for props (tinsel for the rain, scarves fo Read More...

  • Special Education Music Lessons with Lynn Kleiner

    Posted March 21, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    Drumming with Music Rhapsody materials using Sound Shapes have been one of the most successful activities for my special education classes. There are a variety of limitations for playing, but the sound shapes offer fle Read More...

  • Newsletter 3.20.17

    Posted March 20, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


    Even though some of your are digging out from snow and trying to stay warm, spring is right around the corner. What does spring mean? BUNNIES! Check out some of my favorite bunny rhymes and puppets.   Read More...

  • Newsletter 3.10.17

    Posted March 10, 2017 by Newsletter Recap

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      Once again I am including a variety of activities for Irish music-making. This week’s download, Cockles and Mussels, will have all your classes singing, dancing, and playing. Check out this week's blo Read More...

  • PK, Kindergarten, Elementary St. Patricks Day, Irish and March

    Posted March 8, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    PK, Kindergarten and Elementary Music time with Irish Music for St Patricks Day Lessons or anytime of year are the highlight of this month. One popular tune that will soon become a favorite i Read More...

  • Newsletter 3.3.17

    Posted March 7, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


      This week’s blog features some great activities for March music making, including St. Patricks Day and Irish themes. You are certain to find some golden nuggets in this listing for ages 3-10. And th Read More...

  • Irish, Green, St. Patrick’s Day for Preschool, PreK, Kindergart

    Posted March 1, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner


    St. Patricks day music lessons are filled with green and gold, leprechauns, silly songs, limericks and so much music making fun. Enjoy a variety of activities for singing, dancing, listening, playing and creating offered Read More...

  • Newsletter 2.24.17

    Posted February 26, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


      I hope you enjoyed the download for Shosholoza last week and the recording of this song on the Brilliant Beginnings CD. I wanted to highlight another great selection on this CD, Jackson’s Morning Brush. Read More...

  • Newsletter 2.17.17

    Posted February 20, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


    TRANSITIONS! Make your lessons more musical! One of the many topics in my online or live teacher training is smooth, easy transitions with singing and participation between activities. Knowing how to handle transitions Read More...

  • Newsletter 2.10.17

    Posted February 13, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


    I love this time of year. For my staff and students, this is a great learning time without worrying about concert prep. For me, it is also a popular time for professional development in many school districts. I lov Read More...

  • Febuary Music Making

    Posted January 27, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, I love doing this Valentine mixer (sing “Heel toe on the line, will you be my Valentine?” OR Will You Be a Friend of Mine?). I have added a hand clap Read More...

  • Healthy Teacher with Healthy Voice

    Posted January 18, 2017 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 2,064 Views

    Healthy Teacher with a Healthy Voice: When you have an awesome lesson plan and the props, instruments and puppets that make kids love your lesson and you love your job, Life is good! Except……this time of ye Read More...

  • Newsletter 1.13.17

    Posted January 13, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, You know materials are "keepers" when two things happen: When the children say "Again! Again!" When you look forward to the time of year when you get to present the lesson aga Read More...

  • Newsletter 1.6.17

    Posted January 6, 2017 by Newsletter Recap


    Happy 2017 Music Box Friends! We have exciting plans for this year with lots of improvements to Music Box as well as the Music Rhapsody Membership area. Movie time! Enjoy a peek at "Let it Snow" and then a funn Read More...

  • Newsletter 12.23.16

    Posted December 23, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


    Dear Music Box Friends, From all of us at Music Rhapsody and Music Box, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a joyous holiday season! Music Box, Music Box Downloads and the shop at Music Rha Read More...

  • Newsletter 12.16.16

    Posted December 16, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, I hope all of you have had huge success with your holiday lessons and shows and you are headed for a relaxing break! January is a great time for Snowmen activities so today Read More...

  • Lynn's Favorite Things

    Posted December 9, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Can't you hear Julie Andrews singing? This week I thought I would share some of my most favorite things. Perhaps some of these items would brighten the holidays for a classroom or music teacher or a lit Read More...

  • Newsletter 12.2.16

    Posted December 2, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


    Dear Music Box Friends, It is time to jingle all the way through the holidays and the winter months with these jingle bell favorites. There is bell ringing for every age group. For a little history on the most Read More...

  • jungle bells

    Posted November 30, 2016 by Kym Schifino

    2 Comments 1,795 Views

    where can i find Jungle Bells CD?

  • Newsletter 11.18.16

    Posted November 21, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Hi Music Box Friends, Hearing the Nutcracker puts everyone in such a festive mood this time of year. I thought you might like a few choices of activities. Here are options for Trepak. Watch me with my 2 Read More...

  • Newsletter 11.11.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, It was fun playing with hundreds of bouncing bees last week at the NAEYC conference. Here's a video of me with a few of the teachers and their beat keeping bees. Read More...

  • Newsletter 11.4.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Well it's a big week! I am hanging out with Remo, making music with teachers at the Conference for the National Association of Education of the Young Child (NAEYC). We are having Read More...

  • Newsletter 10.28.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Thanks to all of you who came to the Atlanta Orff Chapter this past weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the summer training in Charlotte, NC! Check out a few of Read More...

  • Newsletter 10.21.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, It was so great to see so many of you at the San Diego Orff workshop last week! I love seeing all of the new members in Music Box! We are so glad to have you join us. You are awes Read More...

  • Newsletter 10.14.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Did you see the adorable answer to "Who is it?" for the Somebody's Knockin' in last week's free download for PowerPoint or SMARTBoard? If you don't know who was knocking, you can Read More...

  • Newsletter 10.7.16

    Posted November 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Many of us doing the ages 3-6 year lesson plans from Music Rhapsody and Music Box membership have been enjoying frogs! Froggy Goes to School, Jump Frog Jump, Ten Little Froggies f Read More...

  • Holidays in the Music Room

    Posted November 9, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 1 Like 2,059 Views

    I have a variety of materials I use for holiday concerts as well as holiday lessons.  The SEARCH feature in Music Box will allow you to find specific topics and age groups, watch videos of learning the materials, Read More...

  • Improvisation on the Recorder

    Posted October 13, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 1 Like 2,751 Views

    I recently had a request for written notation of what I might play for improvisation on the sopranino recorder. Specifically to play after a Tideo verse is sung, while the children have "free exploration" time on their O Read More...

  • Newsletter 9.30.16

    Posted October 4, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Hi Music Box Friends, JUMP FROG JUMP! SING FROG SING! Check out these videos from our Music Rhapsody Membership. These videos give a peek at one of the videos included for teachers from Lesson 3: Young M Read More...

  • Newsletter 9.23.16

    Posted October 4, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends This week, a few of your questions inspired us to do a video tour of Music Box to highlight some of Music Box's resource areas. We hope this is helpful. As always, your questions a Read More...

  • Kindergarten, PreK Music Activities for Singing in Tune!

    Posted September 29, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


    PreK, Kindergarten Singing Games and Activities for Pitch Matching My YouTube video in this weeks Music Box newsletter features one of hundreds of activities I use for matching pitch and singing in tune. Why so many? Wh Read More...

  • Lynn Kleiner's Tips on Classroom Management, Elementary Music

    Posted September 21, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


    Classroom Management in the Elementary Music Room is an area that challenges even the most experienced teachers but certainly new teachers. Having hired and trained teachers at Music Rhapsody for well over 30 years, th Read More...

  • Lesson Plans for New Born -2 yrs old.

    Posted September 20, 2016 by Tomilee Deatherage

    1 Comment 2,665 Views

    I am told there are lesson plans for babies, toddlers etc but I only see lesson plans starting at age 2.  Is there a place I could see all lesson plans available by age?  Thank you!  

  • Polar Express Christmas Musical

    Posted September 14, 2016 by Lelania Perritt

    1 Comment 2,464 Views

    I am in need of some ideas for an easy christmas concert using The Polar Express Theme for kindergartners.  Any ideas?  

  • Polar Express Christmas Musical

    Posted September 14, 2016 by Lelania Perritt


    I am in need of some ideas for an easy christmas concert using The Polar Express Theme for kindergartners.  Any ideas?  

  • Newsletter 9.9.16

    Posted September 11, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Hello.... it's me... not Adele, but Lynn! I was wondering if after all these weeks you'd like to sing A new hello song They say that the start of class is great for singing a Read More...

  • Newsletter 9.1.16

    Posted September 8, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Hi Music Box Friends, I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends. As a new year begins, we are excited about our new Hello and Goodbye Songs. Check o Read More...

  • Hello Song by Lynn Kleiner – Much more than just a greeting!

    Posted September 8, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


    Question: How can you keep the children engaged and focused, maintaining classroom control as you put the hand drums away and prepare for a circle dance? Answer: Use your Hello Song! Substitute the first measure or tw Read More...

  • Newsletter 8.26.16

    Posted August 26, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


    Hi Music Box Friends, I know that some of you are already back to school and some of you are getting ready. I hope everything is going well for all! In my blog this week, I have some options for songs and recordings to Read More...

  • Free Play! Sing and play-along with Lynn Kleiner’s CDs

    Posted August 25, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 2,853 Views

    Why is it Important?  Music Rhapsody students often arrive for their Orff class a few minutes early. As they enter the  classroom, familiar music is coming from the speakers and Orff instruments are set up i Read More...

  • Name Games and Other Ways to Learn All Those Names!

    Posted August 16, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 2 Likes 3,194 Views

    Wow!  There’s lots of names to learn at the beginning of the school year!  Here’s a few music activities I use at the beginning of the year from several of my different age groups. Little Secrets: Read More...

  • Orff Schulwerk, so needed!

    Posted August 2, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Likes 1,796 Views

      Orff Schulwerk, more relevant than ever! As more and more children have increased screen time as a part of home, school, work and play time, Orff Schulwerk is more relevant than ever. Our class is a time for m Read More...

  • Seas the Day!

    Posted August 1, 2016 by Cindy Phelps

    1 Comment 25,221 Views

    School is about to begin in the Kansas City metro area.  All of our preschoolers will be greeted with the ocean theme.  I am excited to use Songs of the Sea to incorporate into our language arts and math curric Read More...

  • Ocean Music for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2

    Posted July 6, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


      Songs of the Sea will be something very SPECIAL with smooth sailing for all when you incorporate some of these exciting items! Song Resources: Songs of the Sea Book/CD, In All Kinds of Weather Book/CD,&nb Read More...

  • Newsletter 6.10.16

    Posted June 14, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, It has been another week of concerts in schools and in our after school program at Music Rhapsody. It really is incredible when the students and parents feel such pride and you can cele Read More...

  • Newsletter 6.3.16

    Posted June 8, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, Great to talk with you at the Webinar last night. After our summer trainings finish, we'll do it again! Thanks for sharing your questions. Remember, any time you have a question, click Read More...

  • Newsletter 5.27.16

    Posted May 28, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


      Dear Music Box Friends, I am excited to offer a WEBINAR on June 2 at 6:30PM Pacific Standard Time. All Teachers (Members and Future Members!) are invited to join me as I answer your questions as we explore som Read More...

  • Newsletter 5.19.16

    Posted May 22, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


    Dear Music Box Friends, As our school year is winding down, I am on the lookout for what to do next school year. How about some fresh, active, exciting lesson plans? These lessons are designed with the student and teach Read More...

  • Newsletter 5.6.16

    Posted May 7, 2016 by Newsletter Recap


    Dear Music Box Friends, As promised, I am highlighting a few favorites for the end of the year. Los Machetes is one I use from infants through fifth grade.  This song was recorded for Music Rhapsody by Gary King an Read More...

  • Newsletter 4.30.16

    Posted May 1, 2016 by Newsletter Recap

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    Dear Music Box Friends, Over the next several weeks, I will be suggesting some activities for those last few lessons of the school year.  The last lesson or two can be a bit of a challenge for teachers, but it can Read More...

  • Remo Belli

    Posted April 28, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

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      As my preschoolers and elementary students played their tone blocks, drums, triangles, rhythm sticks, ocean drum,(and more) preparing for their upcoming concerts, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I remembered th Read More...

  • Welcome to the Newsletter Recap!

    Posted April 25, 2016 by Newsletter Recap

    1 Like 6,477 Views

    Welcome to the newsletter recap! We will be archiving the newsletter for you each week here!

  • Pre K and Kindergarten Music, 5 Little Monkeys by Lynn Kleiner

    Posted April 20, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


      Wow, what a Pre-K music week I had! After 6 rehearsals with delightful 2-5 year old preschool concerts, I had assemblies at a school district for their Pre-K and K classes. For the assemblies (I call this Music Read More...

  • Kindergarten Music Challenges – A few tips for Success

    Posted March 29, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Kindergarten Music Lessons are so much fun when you have amazing lesson plans AND you know the tricks for smooth transitions, classroom management and engagement techniques for all (or hopefully at least most!) of the st Read More...

  • Preschool, Pre-K Music Curriculum with Lesson Plans

    Posted March 20, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Likes 14,764 Views

    Preschool Music Lesson Plans, Pre-K and Kindergarten Music Curriculum, and all the early childhood music lessons are designed to stimulate and develop every part of the young child’s brain: hearing, vision, speec Read More...

  • Spring Music Lesson Plans for preschool and elementary

    Posted March 17, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 7,867 Views

    Spring Music Lesson Plans for preschool and elementary can be found in Music Box by using the Search feature at the top right on the menu bar. Several of my favorites are "All Around the Gardener's Bench," and "I Read More...

  • Music and Movement for Toddlers

    Posted February 28, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


      Music and Movement is a critical part of a complete early childhood education. In fact, learning things like counting, colors, concepts such as high and low, long and short, loud and soft, in and out, and about t Read More...

  • Recorder with Orff, Stories, Movement and Improv

    Posted February 23, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 2,338 Views

    I love teaching recorder because I teach it using stories, from an Orff approach. This brings a lot of variety to the lessons! Being unpredictable and action packed is the key to classroom management and success! If you Read More...

  • Skinamerink for Valentine's Day

    Posted January 25, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here's a lesson I've shared for Mother's Day that is just adorable for Valentine's Day too: Skinamerink a dink a dink,Skinamerink a doo,I love you.Skinamerink a dink a dink,Skinamerink a doo,I love you.I love you in the Read More...

  • Momma Don't Allow bubbles

    Posted January 21, 2016 by Tammy Torrens

    6 Comments 3,957 Views

    I truly enjoed Lynn's seeion at AOSA "What Happened Next?" I am currently using the Momma Don't Allow" book and lesson ideas with my 3rd grade recorder sudents. We are having so much fun with it that I'd like to share an Read More...

  • Winter Teacher Feature - Katie Traxler

    Posted January 8, 2016 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 2 Likes 2,409 Views

    This year we're making a resolution to strengthen our community in Music Box. We are SO privileged to have members representing a variety different teaching backgrounds, musical training, locations, ages, and personaliti Read More...

  • Post Holiday Concert Lesson Plan for Elementary Music

    Posted December 3, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 2 Likes 5,159 Views

    Music Classes after the Holiday Performance call for something a little special!  Here's a favorite I've enjoyed for many, many years.  Get your set of jingle bells (enough for one for each student and the teac Read More...

  • Thanksgiving idea

    Posted November 16, 2015 by Tammy Torrens

    6 Comments 3,865 Views

    I have been using an old favorite in a new way. Dave Pilky's book, 'Twas the night Before Thnaksgiving is one of my favorite books to read to student in the Fall.  This year I have added some "skill songs" to i Read More...

  • Clowns in the Classroom! (or Concert!)

    Posted November 13, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner


    Due a request by a valued Music Box member, here is a post all about CLOWNS! Some people think clowns are spooky but I disagree - they are silly, stylish, groovy, and help us sing solos! In a time that is occupied by ipa Read More...

  • Halloween Music Lesson Success, Three Creepy Spiders!

    Posted November 5, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 3,679 Views

    Creepy Spiders replace Ladybugs! (From In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music)Since our lesson plan for Melody Makers (from Music Box Downloads, weekly lessons) calls for Ladybugs but it was Halloween, I decided to cha Read More...

  • Preschool Lessons Enhanced Through Music

    Posted October 21, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Likes 2,420 Views

    Two Year Old Music Time! Class after class with the 2 year olds this week made me smile. These precious little music makers, joyfully participating in “Five Little Leaves” from In All Kinds of Weather, Kids M Read More...

  • Music Lesson Plans for the Beginning of the Year - Preschoolers

    Posted October 2, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 3,680 Views

    The beginning of the school year can bring some fears and tears from our little music makers especially in our schools where the 2 year old class has to leave their classroom, which they are just starting to feel comfort Read More...

  • Spanish Language Music

    Posted October 1, 2015 by Sasami Ashworth

    1 Comment 3,538 Views

    Hello! There was a question about South American music so I decided to just do a post about Spanish language music in MR/MB! The Spanish CD is a great place to find music from many Spanish speaking countries, and "Cheki Read More...

  • Back to School Music

    Posted September 13, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner


    Many Music Box teachers are preparing for their return to school. I thought I would highlight a few places to look on Music Box for some review or something new for your school year.  Hopefully this will also help n Read More...

  • Birds Make Music!

    Posted September 1, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner


    Birds Make Music!Check out the Music Rhapsody Shop for some special little birds for sweet singing in your classes! and don't forget to use your member discount!Now, wh Read More...

  • Elementary Music Lesson Videos

    Posted August 14, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner


    Elementary Music Teachers looking for music lesson plan ideas can watch a variety of workshops in Music Box, as they follow along with workshop notes they can print out in Music Box Downloads, click Video Lessons. Read More...

  • Sound Shapes, Boomwhackers and Orff

    Posted July 8, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Sound Shapes, Boomwhackers, Orff instruments…Basic or Novelty? As an Orff teacher in preschools and elementary schools as well as a teacher trainer since the 1980s, I am amazed at what instruments teachers or sch Read More...

  • Lynn Kleiner's Puppets with a Purpose

    Posted June 3, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Lynn Kleiner’s Puppets with a Purpose is a video series that features music activities using adorable puppets from  Ideas for music lesson plans include singing, pitch matching games, in Read More...

  • Pre-K to Elementary Curriculum in Music Box

    Posted April 17, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

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    The following curriculum is from Music Box Weekly Lesson Plans which I use for my Pre-K - elementary students For Pre-K, TK new to instruments I use preschool weekly lessons and if you're introducing Orff, see the "Youn Read More...

  • curriculum?

    Posted April 15, 2015 by Mayumi Grasso

    3 Comments 4,403 Views

    Hi Lynn,   I was wondering if there is a curriculum you follow for each grade? Meaning what concepts do you teach in each grade? I teach K - 5.    Thanks so much for your help!   Mayumi

  • Gathering Drum nuts and bolts

    Posted April 14, 2015 by Karin Nanos

    4 Comments 14,901 Views

    Has anyone replaced the nuts and bolts on the inside of the gathering drum handles with something else that lies flat? When we turn the drum over to use as a boat, the screw/bolt heads protrude and can poke the kids whil Read More...

  • Music Concert Themes for Preschool, Kindergarten, early element

    Posted April 8, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 78,301 Views

    Preschool Music Concert, Kindergarten Music Program, Elementary Music Show can be tough planning for the music teacher   Try a theme! Themes make it fun for you, the classroom teachers and the kids while childr Read More...

  • Songs of the Sea Concerts

    Posted March 24, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 3,569 Views

    An Ocean Theme concert is adorable for preschool, kindergarten and primary grades. A teacher using the Songs of the Sea book asked if 10 Fish in the Sea is a good song for Orff for Preschool.  Since this song has a Read More...

  • orff instruments

    Posted March 24, 2015 by Bonnie Tomm

    1 Comment 1 Like 79,618 Views

    Hola Lynn, I am teaching in Colombia, and my colleague and I were discussing the need for replacing some of our Orff instruments.  The Orff instruments available here are locally made and do not have the sound quali Read More...

  • Gathering Drum for Preschool and Kindergarten Ages

    Posted March 19, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 12,534 Views

    The gathering drum offers a very special, unique experience to the music classroom.  Sitting around the huge Lynn Kleiner Remo Gathering Drum* immediately promotes group participation.  This bonding experience Read More...

  • Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Course, Early Childhood, infant

    Posted March 2, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner


    Lynn Kleiner’s annual training specializes in Orff for young children: preschool, kindergarten and primary grades. Mommy and me type of classes for parents with baby or toddlers will also be part of this intense bu Read More...

  • Valentine's Day Music Class for Babies and Toddler Classes

    Posted February 9, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    6 Comments 3,534 Views

    Valentine’s Day music for baby and toddler classes is a great request Barb.   One of my favorite pieces of music for entering the music room and exploration on the gathering drum is Captain and Tennille&r Read More...

  • Orff Early Childhood Music Teacher Training

    Posted January 28, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 6,420 Views

    An Orff Approach to music for babies, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, elementary Live or Online - Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training    Register for the 4 day live training by April 30, 2015 for the early bi Read More...

  • Winter Music Lesson Plans from an Orff Approach

    Posted January 1, 2015 by Lynn Kleiner

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    I love seasonal activities. Students learn a lot more than music and are so excited about the lesson. Winter stories will warm up the music room with movement, instruments and singing.   These are the annual on Read More...

  • Jingle Bells not Allowed? Bah, Humbug!

    Posted December 10, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Jingle Bells, not allowed? Bah, humbug! I say NO! Let it snow! Let’s all have the opportunity to enjoy this song about snow and a horse drawn sleigh! Jingle Bells is a wonderful sleigh song written by James Lord Pi Read More...

  • Musical For Kindergartners

    Posted November 17, 2014 by Lelania Perritt

    3 Comments 2,430 Views

    I am in need of a cute musical program to do in February with my kindergartners. Has anyone done anything using a book?  How do you do it?  Do you have a video?  I just can't imagine how to do it.

  • Fall songs, Thanksgiving songs

    Posted November 8, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 6,458 Views

    Two of my favorite pairings for fall are drums and shakers. Powama (Brilliant Begginings CD and in the Simply Music Rhapsody curriculum/Playlists) and Shoo Turkey (from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic CD as well as t Read More...

  • Movement Song for Steady Beat

    Posted November 8, 2014 by Lelania Perritt

    2 Comments 3,154 Views

    What is a good classical music song for steady beat movement exploration for Preschool/Kindergarten?  


    Posted October 26, 2014 by Lelania Perritt

    3 Comments 2,494 Views

    Hi Lynn, I teach Kindergarten Music in a Public School, but I am not a certified Music Teacher.  I have an observation coming up in November.  I need help.  I am teaching high/low; pitch matching; instrume Read More...

  • Preschool Music for "Love Our Planet"

    Posted October 18, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    Homemade instruments using recycle items are a delightful and musical way to celebrate “Love our Planet.” I have many ideas for homemade instruments in In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music, Songs of the S Read More...

  • The Very Busy Spider in October classrooms

    Posted October 11, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    6 Comments 1 Like 12,663 Views

    Hello All!   I wanted to share a quick idea with you about using the book "The Very Busy Spider" in your classroom this October! The featured free Music Box download of the moment is "The Very Busy Spider" which i Read More...

  • Music Lesson Plans

    Posted October 8, 2014 by Lucia Morales

    3 Comments 40,990 Views

    HI Lynn, and hello everyone! This is Lucia from Monterrey Mexico, And I’m a music teacher at a private school. I am not a musician. But I can play the guitar along with kids on short songs. I have been teachi Read More...

  • Holiday Preschool/Kindergarten Music Program

    Posted October 5, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    7 Comments 23,381 Views

    I recieved a request to post ideas/references for a preschool holiday program that might have a  storyline and have the songs support that. This depends on the setting. If this is a secular setting where the f Read More...

  • The Best Of Early Childhood Music

    Posted September 28, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    6 Comments 4,507 Views

    I have been asked to present the best of “Music Rhapsody” early childhood program at a Conference. I’m so curious if your list would match mine. After more than 35 awesome fun years of making music with Read More...

  • Gathering Drum and more

    Posted September 16, 2014 by Karin Nanos

    2 Comments 42,790 Views

    I'm looking for activity suggestions for children birth-3 years of age using the gathering drum. My students have varying degrees of abilities. Some have low muscle tone and aren't able to move their bodies easily. Some Read More...

  • To use or not to use CD in class

    Posted September 11, 2014 by Tiffany Brown

    2 Comments 28,910 Views

    Hello!   About to start my first class and am forgetting whether or not to use the music on the CD's in class.  I enjoy the instrumental accompaniment to the songs and wish there were an instrumental track to Read More...

  • Recorder from an Orff Approach in Music Box

    Posted August 3, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 6,717 Views

    I just received an email asking about my preferred brand of recorder, a recorder book, lesson plans and materials for teaching recorder from an Orff approach.  I use the Aulos, a beautiful 3 piece model.  Its m Read More...

  • Early Childhood Conference

    Posted June 14, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 1 Like 12,248 Views

    I remember preparing for my first preschool music class, wondering how it would be compared to the elementary classes I had been teaching for the past 5 years.   Wow.  There was a big difference!  Thi Read More...

  • Malaysia Teacher Training, May 2014

    Posted May 31, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    Having a blast in Malaysia! Have you signed up for a Music Rhapsody summer teacher training course in your part of the world yet?? Visit the website or call 1+(310)376-8646 for more information or to register today! &nb Read More...

  • Recorder Brands

    Posted May 11, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Recently, a teacher was discussing what brand of recorders to choose for her elementary class.  Some of the suggestions were far from the quality that I insist on for my students. I know some settings have very limi Read More...

  • Music Rhapsody FAQ's

    Posted May 5, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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    With the summer teacher trainings around the corner, and many new enhancements made to the Music Rhapsody program in the last year, I thought it would be good to answer some commonly arising questions about the live trai Read More...

  • Shaker Songs

    Posted April 14, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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      Lynn’s Suggested Shaker Eggs Songs   Songs of the Sea Sandy Sandy Sand* Wipe Out   Spanish Music Rhapsody Cheki Morena   Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too Silly Sam* Up So Hig Read More...

  • Spring Lesson Plan Ideas for Preschool and Elementary

    Posted April 8, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 23,278 Views

    Spring Music Lesson Plans for preschool and elementary can be found in Music Box by using the Search feature at the top right on the menu bar. Several of my favorites are "All Around the Gardener's Bench," and "I Pl Read More...

  • VOSA eNews

    Posted April 6, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    Here is some info from VOSA eNews about the summer trainings in Australia: Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts (ECCPA) Keynote Presenter: Lynn Kleiner (USA)         16 & 17 Augus Read More...

  • Gathering Drum Update!

    Posted April 5, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 10,465 Views

      BIG update for my Music Box friends! I spent the day with the incredible Remo Belli himself, now 87 years old and as sharp and fit as ever, working on how to improve instruments for babies, children wit Read More...

  • Preschool/Kindergarten Orff Music Wish List

    Posted March 12, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 10,244 Views

      A new music teacher proudly proudly proclaimed "My school gave me $2500 so I bought a Bass Xylophone!" After asking a few questions, it became clear that this was the only instrument the teacher had for the presc Read More...

  • Orff Classes-The best Screen Saver!

    Posted February 24, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Best Screen Saver – Making Music! Too much screen time for children is a frequent concern among educators, parents, even the American Academy of Pediatrics. Why does it matter how much media our children are consu Read More...

  • Stories with Music

    Posted February 14, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    Music Lesson Plans including a story book for Pre-K, Kindergarten and elementary can be a highlight of the Orff classroom. Ferdinand is my February story for my Melody Makers classes. I guess just because he has such a l Read More...

  • Concert Plans for Preschool, Elementary with Orff

    Posted January 27, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Orff pieces have been requested to the Mountain theme concert lesson plans found in Downloads in Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box. The concert plan includes songs for small percussion, scarves, movement but some have requ Read More...

  • Valentine Music for Preschool and Elementary

    Posted January 20, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    February is the time, For lessons to have Valentines! Music Box will show you how, Just use the search and see it now! Videos, forums, downloads too, All kinds of lessons designed for you. Tell your teacher friends Read More...

  • Music Rhapsody NEW OPTIONS

    Posted January 11, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 1 Like 29,167 Views

    Important exciting NEWS!!! If you have taken Lynn’s early childhood teacher training course at any time, you are eligible to receive “Module One” containing FIFTY beautiful lesson plans, 10 lessons from Read More...

  • Winter Music Lessons

    Posted January 10, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    January, February, time for snow We’ve got lessons, want to know?   Log into  and watch videos, print downloads, read stories with music, and view winter ideas that will wa Read More...

  • Music Teacher's Ukulele Mix Up

    Posted January 7, 2014 by Lynn Kleiner


    I just heard from a Music Box teacher that she bought a baritone ukulele and eagerly watched the Music Box ukulele lesson number one to learn to play. I know how disappointed she must have felt that what I was saying did Read More...

  • Lynn Kleiner Music Teacher Training 2014

    Posted December 10, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    Teacher Training from an Orff approach for early childhood music education! Lynn Kleiner is  excited to announce that the US summer training workshops in Redondo Beach, CA (June 27, 28, 29th, and 30th, 2014)   Read More...

  • Brain study suggests classical musicians should improvise

    Posted December 7, 2013 by Brendan McCreary

    1 Comment 2 Likes 54,583 Views

    Please read this article!   "Researchers have found that listeners engage with classical music more when musicians improvise. A collaboration of researchers from Imperial College London and the Guildhall School o Read More...

  • November Lessons

    Posted November 14, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    A couple weeks away from Thanksgiving and getting into festive fowl season - time to stock up on your turkeys and ducks!!   Watch my rhythm readers class perform their rendition of "Turkey Feathers," from the Farm Read More...

  • Lynn Kleiner Teacher Training Workshop 2014

    Posted October 22, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 23,957 Views

    Since the launch of Simply Music Rhapsody teacher licensing in 2012 we have only offered teacher training workshops to music teachers intending to fulfill the SMR licensing and teaching requirements. This year we are THR Read More...

  • You’ll Be Amazed How Just A Song Could Break Through To This Wo

    Posted October 21, 2013 by Sasami Ashworth


    I just saw this link on Lynn's Facebook page and it completely melted my heart and reinforced my feelings about music therapy and the role of music in healing! My grand mother has Alzheimer's and I have been meaning to p Read More...

  • Orff on the Go!

    Posted October 7, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    If you have seen my "Orff on the Go! Advice from Lynn" video in Music Box, then you know that an Orff-class-in-a-box is not a myth!! For preschool Orff teachers who are always on the move, have a lack storage space (or Read More...

  • Music Lesson Plans, Resources, CDs and Puppets

    Posted September 30, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

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    Music teachers looking for lesson plans, songs, stories with music and more should click Downloads after logging in at   Looking for CDs, puppets, felts, story books, teacher books Read More...

  • Sports Music Theme, Team Spirit

    Posted September 23, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    A teacher was asked to have some type of song or activity to go with their Spirit Week where each child is asked to wear their favorite "team" shirt.  Here's the song that he will teach:   Take me out to the Read More...

  • Winter Holiday Lessons, Concerts, Events

    Posted August 29, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 20,626 Views

    A Holiday Collection was suggested by one of our wonderful Music Box teachers. This sounds like a fantastic theme for a new book and CD but it certainly won't happen before the winter holidays so I will let you know a gr Read More...

  • Music for Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, and U.S. Hist

    Posted August 29, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    With Labor Day coming up, and a general need for patriotism with all of the global tension arising, the "Patriotic Songs" $1.99 lesson plan is sure to bring a smile to your faces and a warmth to your young Americans' hea Read More...

  • Music Teachers in Music Box are My Friends!

    Posted August 26, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 3 Likes 15,700 Views

    Oh dear, this is just so silly, of course I am good friends with everyone in Music Box, why do I have to "Add as Friend"!? HA! I noticed this in Music Box "Members" today that I'm not "friends" with lot of you yet so I c Read More...

  • Music Lessons for Fall, Back to School

    Posted August 13, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 3 Likes 9,677 Views

    I love that after 35 years in the early childhood and elementary music classroom, I am still excited about the start of another school year! Looking around Music Box, I am reminded of years of my favorite back to school, Read More...

  • Orff Course for Kids, Music Camp

    Posted July 21, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 3 Likes 16,046 Views

    I think of this as an Orff Teacher’s Heaven. Kids excited and inspired about a day full of singing, dancing, moving, recorder, instrument building, and electives such as “surprise” class, which will inc Read More...

  • Farm Theme Concert for Ages 2-8

    Posted June 24, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Like 64,453 Views

    Highlights of our "Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic" Concerts.   I am fortunate to have many talented teachers on my staff.  We discuss possibilities for our theme with more than enough options for t Read More...

  • video's

    Posted May 9, 2013 by Barb Bonisteel

    2 Comments 3,241 Views

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the new classical videos that have been recently posted. I am able to hear everything but am not able to see anything?

  • Summer Music Workshops Online

    Posted April 24, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 2 Likes 29,006 Views

    Looking for summer music workshops this summer but don’t want to travel? Time is limited? Music Box has added several new music and movement workshops and has several more coming just in time for summer training!&n Read More...

  • Early Childhood Music Program, Music Rhapsody

    Posted April 9, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    Looking for an exciting, comprehensive early childhood music program? Lynn Kleiner has just finished all 200 detailed lesson plans complete with video of every single activity, recordings, lyrics, and more!  Startin Read More...

  • Music Teachers

    Posted April 7, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    Early Childhood Music..Orff lessons..Music lesson plans..Music Teacher Resources..which website? which program? I have had a lot of questions about my busy, sometimes confusing musical website world! I hope to answer a f Read More...

  • Easy Orff

    Posted March 21, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner


    A teacher asked for easy Orff activities. Here's one we've been enjoying lately since we are planning a Farm theme for all our preschool-grade 1 concerts this year. This is from the book/CD Farm Songs and the Sounds Read More...

  • Music Rhapsody!! Simply Awesome!!

    Posted February 19, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Likes 12,731 Views

      Hello fellow music educators!   As you may have seen in previous blog posts or music box events, the past two years have been a whirl-wind of new teaching ideas and projects with a number of collaborating Read More...

  • Promo video for My Trip to the Mountains March 22-23 workshop!

    Posted February 18, 2013 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 2 Likes 4,441 Views

    As our new music teacher-book, My Trip to the Mountains, inches closer to the press and our mountain-themed workshop sits just around the corner, we are excited to present this little promotional video with some footage Read More...

  • Fall Music Fun for Active Music Making!

    Posted September 25, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    6 Comments 8,877 Views

    Dear Music Box Friends, Since I am teaching in Southern California, I might not see the changes of the seasons like many of you but I still get excited to bring out my favorite books, puppets and songs for autumn, inclu Read More...

  • Weather Songs, Holiday Shows, Winter Songs

    Posted September 13, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 4,784 Views

    Weather Songs, Songs for Holiday Shows, Snow and Winter Songs are all topics in the Music Box Forum. Go to The book and CD, In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music is available at Read More...

  • Baby Music Class

    Posted September 10, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 3,588 Views

    Baby Music Classes is a topic in the forum at See what the favorites are from our classes. For teachers who are members of Music Box, please share your favorite baby music activity in the Mu Read More...

  • Ukulele for 5-6 year olds, really?

    Posted August 1, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 13,161 Views

    Ukulele is great but what age should you introduce it? Most of the instruments at Music Rhapsody’s Summer Music Day camp are just not age appropriate for our youngest campers, 5-6 year olds. We recommend the clarin Read More...

  • Orff Improvisation, thoughts of a six year old, special moments

    Posted May 6, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 5,937 Views

    Sometimes you just never know! My 4-6 year old introduction to Orff class was practicing their parts for "The Butterfly" from my book Jungle Beat. Each had decided on the part they wanted to play on their Orff instrument Read More...

  • Observing Orff Teachers

    Posted March 25, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner


    A great way to get new ideas and improve our teaching is by observing other Orff teachers.  You might pick up techniques on classroom control, see how to encourage participation, when to limit the student “ide Read More...

  • Music Teaching Videos recommended for new music teachers

    Posted March 8, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 3,782 Views

    New Music Teachers will get lots of teaching tips from the video lessons at See a variety of Lynn Kleiner's workshops including Orff activities for 4-8 year olds, music for parents and their Read More...

  • Early Childhood Music, Orff Teacher Training with Lynn Kleiner

    Posted February 5, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    4 Comments 9,109 Views

    Introducing Simply Music Rhapsody, a new licensing program for early childhood music teachers. This is an exciting change to my annual music teacher training program and I’d like to share the big news with you!&nbs Read More...

  • World Music For Preschool Music Lessons and Concerts

    Posted January 29, 2012 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 20,857 Views

    A Music Box Teacher has asked about World Music for a Concert Theme for Preschoolers. I think this is also a great topic for preschool music lessons too. Though this discussion is in the Music Box Forum at www.lynnkleine Read More...

  • The Toymaker's Clowns for a Preschool,Kindergarten Music C

    Posted December 10, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner


    For the complete story, music and video of a performance, go to to DOWNLOADS and VIDEOS. Orff instruments can easily accompany this story, even Music Rhapsody's one octave colored glockenspie Read More...

  • Recorder from an Orff Approach

    Posted October 7, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 6,071 Views

    Recorder, from an Orff approach, is a new category coming to the downloads in  The recorder class is an exciting experience for students as it goes from movement to singing to instrumen Read More...

  • Back to School Music

    Posted August 8, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    4 Comments 1 Like 3,958 Views

    Many Music Box teachers are preparing for their return to school. I thought I would highlight a few places to look on Music Box for some review or something new for your school year.  Hopefully this will also help n Read More...

  • Ukulele video lesson, songs and chord chart

    Posted August 4, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    13 Comments 7,777 Views

    Why ukulele ?  I enjoy playing the guitar but traveling for workshops and concerts as well as to a variety of schools with my guitar was difficult, especially the flights! Switching to the ukulele lightened my loa Read More...

  • Summer Music Teacher Training Course in Redondo Beach

    Posted April 21, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 3,872 Views

    There have been some questions about the 6 day teacher training so I thought I would start a blog in case others are wondering similiar questions. The teacher training course is held at a hotel across from the beautiful Read More...

  • Hatching Puppets for Spring

    Posted March 30, 2011 by Ute Braun

    1 Comment 3,976 Views

    It's the time of year for most of us to start our spring songs. One of our all time favorites is "Who's That Hatching" from "In All Kinds of Weather" Book. (You can check the forum for more spring ideas and ideas for "Wh Read More...

  • Colored Eggs and other Spring Music Activities

    Posted March 16, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 3,860 Views

    "Colored Eggs" is a free download under theme lessons in Music Box. Enjoy this fresh and easy lesson! The forum in Music Box is discussing lesson plans for preschool and elementary spring music classes. A few things for Read More...

  • "Stories with Music" in Music Box

    Posted March 3, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 4,592 Views

    There is a musical story for every special time of year in your classroom. Detailed lesson plans for the following books are in Music Box so far: Back to School:  Froggy Goes to School, The Very Busy Spider Winter Read More...

  • Lesson Plan ideas for Valentine's Day

    Posted January 22, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    2 Comments 4,878 Views

    The forum is discussing delightful ideas for Valentine's Day music lessons. Go to and click on forum to see the great ideas and share with this creative group of teachers!  Ferdinand is Read More...

  • Dance and Movement Ideas on Music Box

    Posted January 19, 2011 by Ute Braun

    6 Comments 3,832 Views

    We just added two Downloads under Special Lessons, ideas for the CD "Our Favorite Shenanigans" on music box.  Lots of ideas for instruments, movement , circle and line dances for mommy and me classes with babie Read More...

  • Using Orff Instruments for the First Time, Lesson Plans

    Posted January 17, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 36,457 Views

    If you have ever purchased your own Orff instruments, you know the significant investment.   Fostering care and respect for these beautiful instruments will cut down on needed repairs and make students awa Read More...

  • What Music Box Members are saying about Lynn Kleiner's Mus

    Posted January 16, 2011 by Lynn Kleiner

    6 Comments 4,301 Views

    I am so appreciative of the feedback I have recieved for the new website!  Its barely 2 months and teachers have inquired, shared, suggested, guided and directed me in a way that benefits all members immed Read More...

  • Presidents

    Posted December 31, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner


      I was asked to do a song about Presidents since the 7-8 year old class in one of our schools was doing a unit on them. I hated to interrupt Music Rhapsody's “Melody Maker” lesson plans that Read More...

  • Hello Song for 5 year olds on Orff instruments

    Posted December 19, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 5,729 Views

    Music Box has some free "Hello Songs" in downloads under SONGS. Music Rhapsody is using this one in the key of F. These 5 year olds performed the Hello Song for their holiday show opener to introduce the audience to the Read More...

  • Lesson Plans for Music Classes!

    Posted November 30, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 3,756 Views

    Music Rhapsody's Rhythm Readers classes are full of singing, dancing, and playing instruments, just like all Music Rhapsody classes.  However, unique to the classes for this level, following an introduction to Orff Read More...

  • Puppets!

    Posted November 28, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    4 Comments 6,414 Views

    "I love your puppets! They are so beautiful. I love how there is a song for every puppet you offer but when I use your puppets, its not as engaging as when you use your puppets! What am I missing?" I recently heard this Read More...

  • Sound Shapes

    Posted November 13, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    1 Comment 4,009 Views

    There is a free lesson plan in Lynn Kleiner's Music Box for Sound Shapes. Look in downloards under Special Lessons. In the forum, under questions for Lynn, there are tips on what kind of Sound Shapes to buy and what to d Read More...

  • Holiday Concert Traditions

    Posted November 2, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 6,511 Views

    One of the reasons Music Box has been created is so I can share answers to some of the questions I have been answering for years and years. One of those is “What can I do for my preschool/kindergarten holiday conce Read More...

  • Favorite Classical Music Activities from Kids Can Listen, Kids

    Posted October 28, 2010 by Ute Braun

    4 Comments 1 Like 3,914 Views

    I just wanted to share with everyone how much I enjoy our Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move  CD with the classical music on it. I did “Run, Run!” beginning of the school year with the cat sleeping and the l Read More...

  • Thanksgiving

    Posted October 27, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    8 Comments 5,199 Views

    I had a teacher ask if I could recommend one of my books for some Thanksgiving activities. I had to say Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic. Turkey Feathers and Shoo Turkey are huge hits in November with all our preschoo Read More...

  • when should my child take private lessons?

    Posted October 18, 2010 by Ute Braun

    3 Comments 3,070 Views

    Another parent in my kindergarten class asked me today, when should I start my child on private lessons. With older children 4 and up this seems to be the most asked question I get and also a main reason for parents to n Read More...

  • My child is not participating

    Posted October 18, 2010 by Ute Braun

    2 Comments 2,820 Views

    I think one of the reasons for parents to discontinue with classes for their 1-3 year olds is that they don't feel like their little ones are participating. Just today another mom that has been coming for 1 1/2 years sai Read More...

  • Beautiful Singing

    Posted October 14, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    3 Comments 4,421 Views

    Our forum is discussing ways to help young children sing in their head voice, good tone quality, matching pitch. Please get in on the chat!

  • Discipline, class control!

    Posted October 9, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 5,052 Views

      Wow, this is the week for discipline questions! Emails from teachers and parents asking about 2-4 year olds. Our hope is that our lessons are so much fun and so engaging that we do not have behavior problems but Read More...

  • Mountain Theme Concert 2010

    Posted October 7, 2010 by Lynn Kleiner

    5 Comments 4,015 Views

    Such a great theme! Everyone looked so great in green and the Christmas trees were fun decorations. Lots of the materials were from Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too! I will be putting this concert plan in the box Read More...