"Lynn is the "Peter Pan" of early childhood music education, spreading her musical magic that celebrates the child in each one of us. Lynn presents musical ideas that really work with young children.
Dr.Ellen M. Brabson, University of New Mexico

"The winter preschool lessons have been an absolute hit and the children have loved "The Musical Gingerbread Man." Your ideas work so well every single time!"
Anne Haacke, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I downloaded Angel Band because I had not actually seen the finished products available on Music Box. WOW! is my response. I lovethe professional look, the detail, and presentation. I feel you are outdoing yourself with these lesson plans on Music Box. Very nice,Lynn. And thank you!"
William Rustrum, Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for the wonderful work you do. As music teacher in a preschool and kindergarten of 130 children, I find myself returning again and again and again to your materials. I don't know if I could do my job without them — I certainly wouldn't want to try!"
Susan Grove-DeJarnett, Johnson City, Tennessee

"I have all of your books which my pre and K students love! They even ask for those songs when they are in 2nd and 3rd grade. Then we add the Orff arrangements to make it more challenging. I am so excited to hear that you are working on more! Thanks so much for sharing with us!"
Anne McAloon

"Lynn's boundless energy, enthusiastic encouragement of all teachers, and all of her great creative ideas are only a few of her gifts. Lynn is doing some amazing work! And inspiring others to do more of the same!"
Phoebe Fazio, Redding CA

"I loved Lynn's summer teacher training course. It's the best workshop I have ever taken!"
Lynne Levy, Falmouth MA

"Lynn is like a great kid - she's lots of FUN! The class is well formatted and the Orff ideas are perfect!"
Christina Purcell, Santa Cruz CA

"I just wanted to express to you, Lynn, such thanks and appreciation for your absolutely outstanding workshop this weekend for our Evergreen Orff Chapter! You are doing an incredible job in music education for our precious children! You instruct with such delight and grace and make learning truly fun for all!! No wonder you are such a huge success!"
Sonja Yeager, Gig Harbor, Washington

"I met Lynn at a workshop in Birmingham, Alabama. It was the best workshop I have ever attended and I teach with Lynn's music every week!"
Marilyn Anderson, Hoover AL

"I really appreciate Lynn's spirit! I always try to get to Lynn's sessions at the Music Educators conferences because I leave feeling uplifted by her music, her spirit, and her desire to love and teach music to children. Run, Run & Children's March from Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move are favorites of my little ones!"
Keith Robinson, Koennecke Elementary School, Texas

"I have Kids Make Music Babies Make Music Too and it is my #1 favorite resource for infant/preschool classes. Thank you, Lynn, for creating such a well designed, highly effective tool for this age group."
Abbie Ehorn, Evergreen School

"My child gets so excited to go to music class! The class is so much fun and so inviting. Lynn Kleiner's Music Rhapsody has helped us find Finley's true love - music!"
Jenifer Burger, Manhattan Beach CA

"Lynn Kleiner's Music Rhapsody classes have been a wonderful experience for my entire family. The songs and games we play follow us home and are incorporated in our daily activities. Watching Milo's participation and enthusiasm grow since he was just an infant has been the greatest gift!"
Marizsa Bravo-Casillas, Santa Monica CA

"After all her years of Music Rhapsody's Orff and recorder classes, Susannah started playing piano in January. The teacher can't believe how fast she has progressed. Plus, she loves playing the piano. She has such a love of music because of your program. Thank you for all your program does for the children!"
Pam Absher, Parent

"Your program is fantastic! My son (2 years old) walks around the house singing "Sally go round the sun..."
Jill Fenske, Parent

"I just wanted to tell you what a lifesaver your Songs of the Sea is to me! I am a Musikgarten teacher and I got your Songs of the Sea book on the recommendation of another Musikgarten teacher. I LOVE all your different suggestions for each song! The Wipe Out song is a favorite of my older age groups age as well as Going Over the Sea using your instrument idea. I used the same song for the younger groups using hula hoops. Just had to share with you, and say a big THANK YOU!"
Helen Haynes, Missouri