Newsletter 9.23.16


    Dear Music Box Friends

    This week, a few of your questions inspired us to do a video tour of Music Box to highlight some of Music Box's resource areas. We hope this is helpful. As always, your questions and suggestions are so valuable. Music Box has become what it is because of you!


    As I visit and meet music teachers across the country, Classroom Management in the Elementary Music Room is an area that challenges even the most experienced teachers but certainly new teachers. Having hired and trained teachers at Music Rhapsody for well over 30 years, this is the area the new teachers struggle with the most. This weeks blog is all about classroom management. Non-verbal comm! unication has been an invaluable tool for me and my students. Don't say it, play it! Do you have your bag of signals? A cowbell, sopranino, finger cymbals and a tick-tock block can help with classroom management. We have them here in the Music Rhapsody Online Shop.


    Are you considering online training and Music Rhapsody membership? You can schedule a consultation to ask questions and see what the training and higher level membership includes.

    And finally, yes, I am still finishing up those videos you have been asking for to show me with my Rhythm Readers and Melody Makers classes, grades K-2. It won't be long! Stay tuned!

    Join me at one of my upcoming workshops!

    October 15 San Diego Orff Chapter
    October 22 Atlanta Orff Chapter

    Happy Music Making,