Newsletter 9.30.16


    Hi Music Box Friends,

    JUMP FROG JUMP! SING FROG SING! Check out these videos from our Music Rhapsody Membership. These videos give a peek at one of the videos included for teachers from Lesson 3: Young Musicians, ages 4-6. Depending on your teaching situation, this could be PreK, Kindergarten or Grade 1. Music Rhapsody membership is available to all teachers after the online or live training. We have 3 awesome locations for summer 2017.


    These activities lead into the Jump Frog Jump Book and uses one of Music Rhapsody's Frog Puppets. In my blog this week, I talk about solo singing and different creative ways to reach even the quietest of students.

    We have an exciting giveaway announcement! Go to the Music Rhapsody Facebook Page. Here are the rules:

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    Do it and you're entered in the drawing to win our Music Rhapsody Frog Pack with our Frog puppet, Jump Frog Jump Book, and Jungle Beat CD! The winner will be announced in our newsletter next week!

    Happy Music Making,