Newsletter 10.7.16


    Dear Music Box Friends,

    Many of us doing the ages 3-6 year lesson plans from Music Rhapsody and Music Box membership have been enjoying frogs! Froggy Goes to School, Jump Frog Jump, Ten Little Froggies from Jungle Beat, and more. Here is another video of the Jump Frog Jump activity with my 4-6 year olds using instruments from our Young Musicians Instrument Kit.


    And now....time for the Facebook drawing to see who won our froggy packet on facebook! Drum roll please......................


    Just a reminder to our new members and those of you who would like a little more info on what is available, take a little tour with Eric. You can also contact Eric for any additional questions.

    Daily Rewards! I had a question from one of my schools. Will you be doing "Somebody's Knockin? We really love that one". These frequent requests for my songs make me feel so grateful. The lessons and materials that I did so long ago, this one is in my first book, Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too, are still loved and requested. So much has changed but giving a child the gift of music from a creative playful approach still has the same rich rewards.


    As as a thank you to all of you, free to our MB members this week: a new way to introduce Somebody's Knockin' PowerPoint/SMARTboard visuals! Of course, the children LOVE singing solos for all my rhyming puppets for the solo singing. How many rhyming animals can you find? See the end to find out who is knockin'!

    Need some help? Use the SEARCH feature in Music Box! Click ASK Lynn questions!

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    Happy Music Making,