Newsletter 10.14.16


    Dear Music Box Friends,

    Did you see the adorable answer to "Who is it?" for the Somebody's Knockin' in last week's free download for PowerPoint or SMARTBoard? If you don't know who was knocking, you can see in Music Box Downloads, Click Teaching Visuals. You students will love it.

    How many rhyming animals did you find for soloist for this classic song from Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too? Answers from the Music Rhapsody Puppet Store:

    • Baboon, Raccoon
    • Cat, Rat, Bat
    • Bear, Mare, Hare
    • Owl, Fowl
    • Dog, Frog, Hog
    • Cow, Sow

    If you think of more, let us know in Music Box!

    This week in my Music Box Blog, I discuss improvisation as requested from one of our members. The improvisation is done by the teacher on the sopranino as everyone has opportunity for "free play."


    If you can play sopranino recorder, you can easily play alto recorder too! Here's a look at our tots experiencing the form of Greensleeves as they ride in the Gathering Drum. As requested, we have included the melody and a sample of an alto recorder improvisation, FREE for MUSIC BOX MEMBERS. Click here to download Greensleeves with piano and alto recorder!


    Thanksgiving turkeys and colored turkey feathers have been flying out our door! Don't wait and be disappointed they're gone, order now and be ready for these November favorites from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic! Many thanks and big hugs to the amazing Music Box Member Carol McDowell for making our adorable felt feather sets! Check out the Turkey Feathers and our fun Shoo Turkey Puppet.

    Hope to see you all
    October 15, with the San Diego Orff Chapter
    and next week,
    October 22, with the Atlanta Orff Chapter.

    Happy Music Making,