Newsletter 10.21.16


    Dear Music Box Friends,

    It was so great to see so many of you at the San Diego Orff workshop last week! I love seeing all of the new members in Music Box! We are so glad to have you join us. You are awesome.

    I'm very excited about seeing many of you at the Atlanta Orff Chapter on Saturday and I promise, you will have some brand new ideas. In addition, our Music Box Newsletter Editor Extraordinaire, Eric Young, will be with us!

    Before I share a few new ideas for winter/holiday lessons and concerts, here is another reminder of my favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving activities with puppets, props and instruments:


    There's lots of talk about holiday/winter concerts going on so I thought I would contribute further to our Forum in Music Box on this fun topic. There are new ideas for Orff, singing and moving for ages 2-8, perfect for holiday concerts.


    Check out my adorable first graders having fun with Jingle Bells, accompanied by JUNGLE BELLS. This holiday CD is also great for sound shapes, gathering drum exploration time and movement activities such as this one!


    Happy Music Making,