Newsletter 11.11.16


    Dear Music Box Friends,

    It was fun playing with hundreds of bouncing bees last week at the NAEYC conference. Here's a video of me with a few of the teachers and their beat keeping bees.


    Everyone will receive a FREE bumblebee puppet with any non-digital purchase from the Music Rhapsody Shop while supplies last. Music Box Members, check out our new FREE BUMBLEBEE download with lyrics, music and teaching process for the beat bouncing bumblebees in Music Box Downloads.

    For those still planning a holiday show or parent visit, there's lots of videos, activities and recordings for concerts or holiday songs. Check out the blog for a few new items in Music Box this week.


    Last week, we launched an exciting new edition of our popular Rhythm Readers and Melody Makers lessons. Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful response. We have new and improved plans with notation, resource articles, new visuals, student handouts, and digital SMARTBoard visuals. If you have not seen our dynamic new editions, download a free sample pack from Lesson 1 of both Melody Makers and Rhythm Readers.

    Happy Music Making,