Newsletter 11.18.16


    Hi Music Box Friends,

    Hearing the Nutcracker puts everyone in such a festive mood this time of year. I thought you might like a few choices of activities. Here are options for Trepak. Watch me with my 2 year old class on the gathering drum and then enjoy my lively 5-6 year olds. For you elementary teachers, check out the awesome cup game, this week's free download in Music Box.


    Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move book/CD (if you are teaching music and don't have this goldmine of activities with orchestral music, get it now!) gives even more activity suggestions for several age groups using music from the Nutcracker, including Trepak Dance, Chinese Dance, and March.

    Many of you have asked if we take school purchase orders for the new greatly improved (with SMARTBoard Visuals) editions of Rhythm Readers and Melody Makers. YES! just email to or fax to 310-376-8490. Now available in and at a 25% discount in Mus! ic Box. And if you didn't get your free sample, here you go. Enjoy!


    I am thankful for your support, your inspiration and all you do for your students. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    Happy Music Making,