Newsletter 1.13.17


    Dear Music Box Friends,

    You know materials are "keepers" when two things happen:

    1. When the children say "Again! Again!"
    2. When you look forward to the time of year when you get to present the lesson again!

    This week, both happened for the old favorite, Five Little Snowmen, from In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music book/CD. My PreK students LOVED playing the part of the sun (yellow scarves of course!), melting snowmen, or playing the Orff accompaniment. The new SMARTBoard visual just made the introduction of this activity a brand-new experience for me too.

    We have a BRAND NEW category in Music Box Downloads: Digital Visuals! You will also find a BRAND NEW item: Digital Counting Set! Here are my 3 and 4-year-olds with their parents trying to play on the beat and concentrate on counting. We are using the old fashion felt board set for this lesson. This is from the Music Rhapsody Membership program.

    Stay tuned after the video for a Friday the 13th story!


    FREE this week to members from "Stories with Music": Winter favorites: Froggy Gets Dressed, Snowy Day, Little Penguins Tale, and The Stranger in the Woods (no worries, it's a snowman).


    Since many of the schools were still out last week and teachers didn't get the notice about our contest, we are waiting one more week! Enter to win our Recorder Rookies Lesson Pack 1 with SMARTBoard Visuals!