Newsletter 4.28.17


    One of our members asked for a story with music using percussion and it reminded me of our “Don’t Wake Up Mama” since Mother’s Day is coming up! Great for sound effects, I have added an easy song, so much fun for preschool – grade 2. Since we have had some glitches with Music Box ever since our updates and upgrades, especially with mobile, I don’t want to risk anyone having trouble getting this so it is FREE to ALL in this newsletter. A great little script is included if you’d like to do this for a concert.

    Get your own copy of the book. Click the picture below to get the book!



    Also, to put a smile on our faces (I need this when we’re having website/download issues, and the techies are working overtime!), check out our preschool concert with the unrehearsed hugs and kisses! Oh my, they could hardly do their songs and motions with so much attraction for each other! Haha!


    Lots of Worms (What child doesn’t want to be asked to wiggle!) and My Dog Rags (And now they get to bark like dogs!) are hits from the beloved collection, Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic. (CD only is available for students.)


    As always members, thanks so much for your support! Great things ahead!