Music Concert Themes for Preschool, Kindergarten, early element

  • Preschool Music Concert, Kindergarten Music Program, Elementary Music Show can be tough planning for the music teacher   Try a theme! Themes make it fun for you, the classroom teachers and the kids while children learn a lot more than just music!   With related science, art, rhyming and reading, even cooking, this can be totally integrated into the classroom curriculum too!

    Concert Plans available to music box members, can be purchased in music box downloads.

    These are the themes I have published in a book with CD and include instrument making, related arts and crafts, room decoration and theme snacks too. I have concert plans done for these which include printed programs with write ups on the learning objectives and highlights of each song. For these and their related puppets, felts and instruments, check out

    Jungle Beat – Rain Forest

    Songs of the Sea – Ocean

    Farm Songs – Animals, Plants, (Bugs, dirt and worms too!)

    Trip to the Mountains – Camping, Trees and Critters, Bears, Owls and Eagles,  Picnics

    In All Kinds of Weather – Snow, Rain, Wind, Sunshine, Hail, Rainbows

    However, a feature that is growing each year in is a huge variety of themes!  Ones that have been shared are ones that have been requested by members.  Many have not yet been discussed but here’s a few I have enjoyed.  Since I have been teaching in schools since 1978, I do have quite a few I’ve tried over the years, just to keep it fun and fresh for me! 

    These themes are also wonderful for music camps, for weekly plans  and to integrate in classroom curriculum.




    Bugs, Worms and Ladybugs


    The Circus


    The Community, Community Helpers

    Flowers and springtime

    International/World Music or music from a specific continent, country or region


    A Day in the Park

    Pond Songs




    The Wild West


    Work Songs

    The State’s History – this has been very popular with 3rd and 4th grade who have requested this.  I have an extensive one for California!

    Maybe you have some ideas?  Please contribute!


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  • mrs t - music
    mrs t - music Hi Lynn, would you be willing to share your The State's History (California-themed) program ideas? Or is it already on the forum (tried searching your discussion forum but maybe I'm not using the correct search terms)? I'd love to hear your extensive Cali...  more
    April 13, 2015