Pre-K to Elementary Curriculum in Music Box

  • The following curriculum is from Music Box Weekly Lesson Plans which I use for my Pre-K - elementary students
    For Pre-K, TK new to instruments I use preschool weekly lessons and if you're introducing Orff, see the "Young at the Bars" article and "Intro to Orff" introductory lesson.
    Rhythm Readers – 5-7 year olds
    Melody Makers – 6-8 year olds
    Recorder Rookies – 7-9 year olds

    Elementary Music Curriculum:

    Vocal music

    Music vocabulary, musical concepts, solfege

    Pitch Matching, Singing in Rounds, Partner songs, Part-singing, Singing with Ostinatos,

    choral literature, improvisation


    Orff Instruments

    Xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels

    Unpitched instruments: congas, hand drums, temple blocks, cymbals,



    creative movement, folk dance

    timing and coordination

    meters, music from many cultures.


    Rhythmic and Melodic Reading

    Over 500 years of music!  Bach, Handel and Telemann  as well as composers of today

    Playing rounds, Harmony, ostinatos, improvisation

    Also used for introductions, interludes, descants

    Easy to go on to other instruments such as clarinet, flute or saxophone




    Styles of Music

    The reading and writing of music, composers and composing.  Not done as an isolated activity but coming from the music areas listed above.


    Elements of the Music Program:

    Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form and Expressive Qualities