Music Lesson Plans for the Beginning of the Year - Preschoolers

  • The beginning of the school year can bring some fears and tears from our little music makers especially in our schools where the 2 year old class has to leave their classroom, which they are just starting to feel comfortable in, and make the journey down the hall to the music room. By the time they arrive, we often have lots of crying with some of them wanting to be carried. Some don’t want to enter the room, while others burst into the room exploring anything within their reach (including the teacher’s water bottle, puppet, ukulele, etc if not properly placed up high or tucked away). This age group can feel very different from the older classes and sometimes different from one two year old class to the next. Expect anything! As I observed my teachers this week and participated with the new teachers, it was amazing to see some classes who sat very quietly on the carpet, not wanting to stand for movement activities, eyes wide as they listened. Others seemed to be all movement and couldn’t sit for a 2 minute activity. They didn’t show any signs of being timid!
    Here’s a few suggestions for this age group for the beginning of the school year.
    If you have someone crying, keep your voice soft and gentle and sing a soothing well known song such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with guitar or ukulele accompaniment. Often, the one or ones crying will stop so they can hear the song.
    MOVEMENT - For those not wanting to get up for movement, reassure them it’s just fine to watch until they are ready. Ask if they can move out of the way of the dancers or would they like you to “slide” (which can be fun or silly for them!) them to the side.
    INSTRUMENTS – place one close to the child who does not want one and say “I’ll just put your instrument here in case you change your mind.” For the one who throws it across the room, say “I want everyone to be safe, no one hurt.” Drums that are thrown will be put back in their container so hang on tight!”
    PREP YOUR ROOM: For those getting into everything, these are reminders what you need to remove or store next time so it will not be a distraction.
    LITTLE CLOWN - Since the Little Clown is a standard activity for our 2s, teachers should remember to be behind or to the side of the child that is being encouraged to sing “Come Out.” If the teacher is in front of the child, the other children see only the back side of the teachers instead of the clown popping out when the child participates vocally. Also, keep the clown low so the children don’t feel the clown is coming in from above, diving at their face! HA!
    Handstamps – Why do we give a hand musical hand stamp to the children at the end of class? We want the parents to see that their child had music class!


  • Rebecca Dittmar
    Rebecca Dittmar These are some great suggestions! Planning to introduce some of these tomorrow! :)

    I was wondering about the length of your preschool classes (sans parents). Do you continue to use the standard MR curriculum and modify? or do you have a separate set of p...  more

    October 8, 2015
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner We try for more but most of our preschools give us 35 minutes, with the oldest, we try for at least 40. Most of our now are only 30-35.
    October 8, 2015