Preschool Lessons Enhanced Through Music

  • Two Year Old Music Time! Class after class with the 2 year olds this week made me smile. These precious little music makers, joyfully participating in “Five Little Leaves” from In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music, (also in Module 2 Kids Make Music for Music Rhapsody Members), were amazing their classroom teachers with their participation to this singing and movement activity. And for me, after introducing this to young children for over 30 years, I’m amazed how much I still enjoy introducing this long time favorite of preschoolers, watching this special time in a life of a 2 year old! For adults, we sometimes wish the song could have been called Two Little Leaves, however, it is this repetition that brings the vocal response, coordination and timing. Often the child’s progression is moving from observing to moving some of the time to full participation by the fifth verse. I observe a child not understanding how to throw the scarf (they cannot figure out to let go!) the first or second verse, to squealing with joy as they drop or throw the scarf for the remainder of the verses. Singing a song one time or just one week will not bring the participation and development we are looking for.

    I always introduce the song by first singing the colors, encouraging the little ones to sing the color the teacher sings and displays. After they sing a color, they are given the scarf. For the one who does not sing and is the last child without a scarf, we say let’s sing with _______. Then they are given a scarf too. Vocal participation is incentive to be rewarded with the scarf so most children participate. I had a teacher tell me “The only time I hear him/her talk or sing is in your music class!” That is because the Music Rhapsody activities are designed to encourage participation such as singing, moving and playing. It is natural and instinctive for young children to respond to music! This is why everything they need to learn in preschool is more successful and more fun when done through music and movement!