Winter Teacher Feature - Katie Traxler

  • This year we're making a resolution to strengthen our community in Music Box. We are SO privileged to have members representing a variety different teaching backgrounds, musical training, locations, ages, and personalities!! This week we're going to feature one of our beloved members:

    Katie Traxler!

    Katie hails from Thibadaux, Louisiana, studied at LSU and now is the prized gem music teacher at P.S. 51 Elias Howe in New York City! Let's get to know this wonderful Music Box member a little better!

    Music Box: What is your favorite puppet?

    Katie Traxler: It is a tie between my favorite puppets- Larry the Lobster is def my students favorite- hands down, but I also love the turkey, too! He is next on my list to buy. 

    MB: What is your favorite MR activity, and how do you use it in your school?

    KT:My favorite MR activity-- oh do I have to pick just one?! Let's see- I think Larry the Lobster and Scuba Man. We sing and play orff percussion to Larry the Lobster and with some rhythmic notation reading for the B section on bongos, then we discover scale patterns on the metallophones with Scuba Man while pairing that song with a book called The Pout Pout Fish. 

    MB: Why do you love teaching?

    KT: I love teaching children because of the joy and confidence music and movement bring to their daily lives. To watch them grow together over the course of our time together dancing, singing, playing games, learning to read music and play instruments- there is no other job quite like it. 

    MB: What's a random fact that makes you happy?

    KT: A random fact that makes me happy... it isn't really a fact, but I love the sound the vacuum cleaner makes on carpet when it is picking up all the little bits of dirt off the floor. I get a real kick out of cleaning because of it! :) I LOVE to vacuum. Ha!

    MB: Anything else about you that we should know?

    KT:For the past 10 years I have taught music in public elementary schools in both Louisiana and New York City. I believe in public education no matter what the opinion of the public or what political figures may say about it. Every child deserves to have a quality education filled with music and movement experiences that allow them to create, imagine, and grow in ways that every child- no matter their socioeconomic status- deserves. I believe that by being the best teacher I can be and inspiring my students, my parent community, my administration, and my fellow colleagues, we will all raise the bar for music education in our city and demand high quality opportunities for the children in our city, state, and country. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life.

    Katie you are AWESOME!! You're an inspiring, energeti, talented teacher and we're so excited to see you blossom and grow as a top-notch educator and Music Rhapsody teacher :-)
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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Oh my, I'm going to have to upgrade my snow princess outfit, shopping for the white boa right now! Love you Kati,! So cute!
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  • Katie Traxler
    Katie Traxler Oh Lynn! What a surprise to see my picture in the weekly update! WOW! I am honored. I am also eternally grateful for the opportunities you share with the music educators in our country (and worldwide) to make us better at our craft. Here's to more fun in ...  more
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