Music and Movement for Toddlers


    Music and Movement is a critical part of a complete early childhood education. In fact, learning things like counting, colors, concepts such as high and low, long and short, loud and soft, in and out, and about the world around us is just more fun and more successful through music and movement. This is why I love to have books in themes for preschool music. I hope to encourage the classroom teacher to incorporate music in their units (ocean, farm, weather, mountains, rain forest, etc) If you are leading music and movement activities with babies, toddlers and preschoolers, notice that in this activity, the melody and movement matches the lyrics. (“Jump up high, swam down low..." etc.) This fosters language development as well as singing, timing and coordination. At some point or several points in the lesson, I want the teacher to stop singing before the last word of a phrase to encourage the participation of the toddler. For example "One little, two little, three little ________." Check out this video of Ten Fish in the Sea with the Toddlers!

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