Ocean Music for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2


    Songs of the Sea will be something very SPECIAL with smooth sailing for all when you incorporate some of these exciting items!

    Song Resources: Songs of the Sea Book/CD, In All Kinds of Weather Book/CD, Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too Book/CD

    PROPS! Don’t forget all our colorful fun props!  Consider using pom poms for The Waves

    Or use the Stretchy Band for The Ship Goes Sailing on the Sea (from In All Kinds of Weather). Also from in All Kinds of Weather, use it with Five Handsome Sailors. These could  also be fun with the parachute.

    Our movement activities introduce musical concepts as it improves language development, and stimulates the vestibular system as it improves timing and coordination. Ten Fish in the Sea (Movement)

    Orff with stories and puppets is always a hit with our 3-7 year olds. Everyone loves Larry

    Hula Hoops – Going Over the Sea

    Balloons– En Bateau – use the parachute to sail the balloon or each parent and child can sail them back and forth while listening to this beautiful piece of music, such a great one to introduce to your families from our Songs of the Sea CD.

    Consider Streamers instead of scarves and pretend you are dancing like an octopus for Ten Fish in the Sea.

    Dancing Fish, turtles or Larry the Lobster are fun on top of the gathering drum and Echo Friends with FISH finger puppets can follow Ten Fish in the Sea is awesome with our  little fish puppets. Don’t forget to let them dance on the gathering drum, hide underneath for the “low” verse and get up and run around the drum for swam in a circle! SPANISH version is on the Spanish Music Rhapsody CD!

    Sandy Sand: Don’t shake until “Shake, shake, shake, shake it off now. Use shaker as a microphone and place shaker on every body part where there is sand. For example, place shaker on head after hearing “you’ve got sand on your head.”

    Scuba Man AND the TREASURE BOX (for older classes) – be sure the children bend their knees to go gradually down as the singing goes down and go gradually up as singing goes back up. For older kids, let them choose something from the treasure box a few times during the summer – encouraging them to come back since when we sing Scuba Man, they may find a treasure they want to keep!

    Fish finger puppets and big sea life puppets, www.musicrhapsody.com/shop, should be enjoyed for the beloved Larry the Lobster, Ten Fish in the Sea, and the rhymes from the Songs of the Sea book.

    STORIES! For older kids, Froggy Learns To Swim is a great summer story. The detailed lesson plan with song, including suggestions for instrument parts and Orff, is available from Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box.

    OCEAN DRUMS!  Music Rhapsody will order whatever size you need: small, medium and LARGE! Slow tipping then turning is the key to the beautiful sound of waves you can produce with this unique drum. Enjoy for an accompaniment while singing Scuba Man, play along on some of the Sea Songs from our Songs of the Sea CD, or while you sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

    Looking for my Ocean Lesson Plan Pack?  You can get it here!