Free Play! Sing and play-along with Lynn Kleiner’s CDs

  • Why is it Important? 

    Music Rhapsody students often arrive for their Orff class a few minutes early. As they enter the  classroom, familiar music is coming from the speakers and Orff instruments are set up in the same  pentatonic key as the music. Immediately, the invitation to play along with the song is made by the  teacher.

    For students who are apprehensive to improvise, the recording of the song gives them structure and confidence. As more students arrive, the sound of the Orff instruments increases. The opportunity to  “just play” has created an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Soon the teacher grabs the guitar and the students circle around for the hello song, the beginning of another musical adventure in an Orff
    Schulwerk environment.

    Here’s a list of songs for a pentatonic play a-long! No accidentals required for these keys.


    FS: Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic!
    JB: Jungle Beat
    KMM: Kids Makes Music, Babies Make Music Too!
    SOS: Songs of the Sea
    W: In All Kinds Of Weather, Kids Make Music
    MTM: My Trip to the Mountains

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    Key of F

    The Colors are Gilding, KMM Page 25 Track 50
    The Old Grey Cat, KMM Page 56 Track 38--- Metals for the sleepy Cat, Woods for the Mouse, both during the running! Conducting the song using 2 hoops, 1 for metals and one for woods. This is very successful!
    Sally Go Round the Sun, W Page 16 Track 5
    Whether the Weather, Page 10 Track 16 --- This song is in d munor so F Pentatonic is the set up. D is the home tone
    Shoo Turkey FS Page 44 Track 16
    Rocky Mountain MTM Page 50 Track 24

    Key of G

    Little Horses KMM Page 49 Track 46 --- Woods for the horse galloping after verse one, Metals for "lullaby" after verse 2. Conducting with 2 hula hoops like the Old Gray Cat is successful for the song.
    Ten Little Frogs JB Page 30 Track 20 --- This song is in in e minor so G pentatonic is the set up. E is the home tone.
    Misty Moisty Morning Page 23 Track 13  --- This song is in in e minor so G pentatonic is the set up. E is the home tone. Metals free play during forst verse, woods keep the beat for the rhythm

    Key of C

    Bell Horses KMM Page 18 Track 29 --- Free play after "run away". Metals free play on Mistress Mary Rhyme. This can also be conduncted with 2 hoops: no playing, playing woods, play metals
    Rhymes in the Rain W Page 31 Track 21
    White Feathers W Page 41 Track 21
    Who's that Hatching W Page 44 Track 30
    Bought Me a Cat FS Page 14 Track 5
    Row Your Boat SOS Page 17 Track 6, 7, and 8
    Larry the Lobster SOS Page 7 Track 2
    Five Little Monkeys JB Page 14 Track 9
    Two Talking Toucans JB Page 18 Track 11
    The Butterfly JB Page 26 Track 18
    Peanut Butter MTM Page 34 Track 12
    Let Us Chase the Squirrel MTM Track 41 Track 16

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