Holidays in the Music Room

  • I have a variety of materials I use for holiday concerts as well as holiday lessons.  The SEARCH feature in Music Box will allow you to find specific topics and age groups, watch videos of learning the materials, practicing them and performing them at the show. It makes our holiday concerts look more festive when the children all wear their halos (made out of garland) for Angel Band (and mp3), or hold their sparkle stars while moving them to the direction of the melody of our Star Medley  (and the mp3!) or shaking their jingle bells to our bell medley.  Many ideas are in music box. Just search for Holiday lessons and you will see videos and downloads for music, lyrics and teaching process.  

    One recording I enjoy using as it gets closer to the holidays is Take a Potato, this is from the delightful Chanukah CD by the talented singing group, The Shirettes. Check it out in Music box music downloads!   This is one of our favorite for playing the 3 beats on the repeated words on gathering drum or hand drums. The complete CD is also for sale through the Music Rhapsody Store

    The Chubby Little Snowman is now available with very fun Smart Board Visuals. Remember Music Box friends, the SEARCH feature is your friend! It will help you to find specific topics for suggestions for all age groups.

    Search Holiday materials and you will find plenty!  But if you need something just click Ask Lynn Questions on the home page.



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    Tamika Schoppe Yes I am interested!!! I meet with K kids twice a week for a half an hour. I really don’t know how many songs I need...part of me says short is better part of me says parents are going to be driving all the way to the school for a concert, I need to give ...  more
    October 10, 2018