Healthy Teacher with Healthy Voice

  • Healthy Teacher with a Healthy Voice: When you have an awesome lesson plan and the props, instruments and puppets that make kids love your lesson and you love your job, Life is good! Except……this time of year, there are those days when you don’t really want to take back that scarf that has been sneezed on (make that scarves!) or pack up the puppet that got that surprise hug from the little cutie with the runny nose. The coughing child that quickly sat down next to you and then followed you for most of the class is also suspect of causing you an illness by the end of the day. How can we avoid getting sick?
    How do we stay healthy so we can continue to do the job we love? First of all, just know that if you are new to teaching, its going to happen. New teachers are sick more often than experienced teachers. Older teachers have had it all already and we are strong fighters now!
    Here’s some tips to cut down on the ill effects:
    SLEEP! Get a good nights sleep, you just get sick easier if you are not running on your optimum high energy level.
    WATER! Drink a lot of water!
    EAT WELL! Eat great, fresh food (not processed fast food). Avoid sugar as much as possible.
    Speak in a higher, lighter voice, try not to clear your throat. Cough drops are often high in sugar and syrup and not good for you. Try water instead.
    Encourage parents to keep their children home if they are sick. Sometimes the ones who are sick at school were given some type of medication at home and then sent to school so the parent can work. This is making more kids (and the staff) sick.
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