Irish, Green, St. Patrick’s Day for Preschool, PreK, Kindergart

  • St. Patricks day music lessons are filled with green and gold, leprechauns, silly songs, limericks and so much music making fun. Enjoy a variety of activities for singing, dancing, listening, playing and creating offered in Music Box! A recorder tune too.
    Michael Finnigan: The rhyming words are silly and easy to sing making this Irish favorite a favorite with your students. For older children, there are Orff parts featuring a fun I-V bass part for quick success. Create your own verses for Michael and his family. Be careful, the creativity can get pretty wild! Ha! Music Box Download Link: Michael Finnigan

    Cuckoo in the Woods, Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move Book/CD
    Pretend you are Leprechauns hiding. You can have some children pretend to be trees and other pretend to be leprechauns hiding behind the trees. The leprechauns peek out when they hear the clarinet. You could also use scarves. Children can hide behind them and everyone peeks at each other when they hear the clarinet.

    Jackson’s Morning Brush is a great Irish song that many of you know from the Brilliant Beginnings CD or for Music Rhapsody Members (which includes Music Box Membership), its included in your weekly lesson playlists. Enjoy drumming to this, use a mallet and pretend you are playing a Bodhran. Tin whistle is easy to play for the children. Music Box Download Link: Irish Music Visuals

    Little Leprechaun: This game is a favorite of students, from preschool through grade 4! One person with hide the pot of gold and the leprechaun needs to find it. Students will sing the Little Leprechaun song and use piano/forte and crescendo/diminuendo for clues to the location. Visual cards are included as well as a pot o' gold! Your students will BEG to play this fun game over and over again. Music Box Download Link: The Little Leprechaun

    Shamrocks are Lucky: This is a spirited Irish song and circle activity, perfect for St. Patrick's Day. By talking about the common Irish instruments, we hope to encourage live music making and introducing the children to a variety of instruments and timbres, which is an important part of our curriculum. Music Box Dowload Link: Shamrocks are Lucky
    Irish Music Visuals includes traditional instruments used for Irish music making. Use these Irish music visuals in your classroom, along with the "Shamrocks Are Lucky" lesson plan in Music Box Downloads. Print and laminate.

    Cockles and Mussels: This is an easy and very catchy one to sing. It just makes you want to sway back and forth on the strong beat one of and sing with gusto in 3/4 time! I introduce the chorus, then I sing the verses with the children singing the chorus at the end of each verse. This is also a great selection for experienced recorder players. I use the easy key of G, the range is from low D to high D (no F#s).