PK, Kindergarten, Elementary St. Patricks Day, Irish and March

  • PK, Kindergarten and Elementary Music time with Irish Music for St Patricks Day Lessons or anytime of year are the highlight of this month. One popular tune that will soon become a favorite is Cockles and Mussels. This week's pack of music activities for this song is one of many Irish favorites on the Seasonal Section of Music Box. For the youngest music makers, even the toddlers and two and three year olds, playing the gathering drum on the beat for the verse and then swishing back and forth (on beat one) for the refrain is successful and don’t forget to encourage singing on the “O!” for “Alive-o!”. So fun how quickly they catch on. This can also be done on hand drums for larger preschool, PK and Kindergarten classes. For movement, we pretend we are pushing our wheel barrow around the room as we sing the verse, then stop for a dance party, swaying back and forth on the refrain, switching from left to right on beat one. If that goes well, try it with a partner, facing each other, holding hands and swaying back and forth.

    Elementary classes can be introduced to the Orff accompaniment. For recorder students, even the very beginners will have a part with B, A G and high D.

    Movement, Ukulele chords, Orff orchestration and Beginner and Advanced Beginner Recorder parts are part of a Cockles and Mussels music pack in Digital Downloads at and a big discount price for Music Box members in Music Box Downloads.

    Check out all the St. Patricks Day and Irish music for movement, singing, playing, games and recorder. You are certain to find some golden nuggets in this listing for ages 3-10.