Recorder from an Orff Approach

  • Recorder, from an Orff approach, is a new category coming to the downloads in  The recorder class is an exciting experience for students as it goes from movement to singing to instrument playing to recorder playing. It even includes stories. Recorder is just an extension of the Orff music classes. Echos, question/answer phrasing, improvisation, ostinatos, harmony is a part of the music making. Reading music is a part of the game like atmosphere. The first time experience for recorder, or the third, fifth or ninth experience with recorder class is NOT "Take out your books and turn to page 10." Recorder from an Orff approach is exciting, its creative, its full of surprises as this wonderful historical wind instrument is added to the Orff instruments. Look to this new Music Box category for lessons, songs and teaching tips for recorder.


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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Teaching beginning recorder can be a real challenge if you don't acknowledge the different levels. After the first lesson, there are many levels of ability. A one hour recorder workshop is now in VIDEOS at The hand outs a...  more
    May 20, 2012