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  • Baby/Toddler Music Classes:  I was asked about many questions about baby and toddler music so thought I would give my recommendations for teachers who are new to working with Early Childhood, specifically Baby/Toddler Ages.

    1. First of all, Get Training ASAP! Why not use the expertise available and offer the very best you can to your youngest students, at a time when you make the biggest difference in their development! Good training will eliminate fails and make the experience positive for you and your families. Online Training is available anytime, anywhere, completely around your schedule. Live training is available in the summer. If you do online, you can attend live for half tuition.
    2. My Babies Make Music and Toddlers Make Music Lesson Plans have video of every activity. Watch complete lessons to see how to transition. This lets you see classroom set up, how to work with the adults, how to present props and visuals, what instruments are appropriate, parent tips, etc. It also gives you all recordings in order or your lesson playlists, printed music, and lyrics, details plans, and more. Once you complete training, become a Music Rhapsody Member! Its only $25 per month and you will get access immediately. There are FORTY lessons for babies, FORTY lessons for Toddlers, 45 minutes each. Each Module has 10 lessons. (Membership comes with 5 modules included)
    3. has additional resources that are very helpful, most downloads are free to members! Use the SEARCH feature. Type in Baby. Type in Toddler. Babies. Toddlers. So many helpful discussions and downloads! There’s also many videos, lessons, recordings in Music Box Downloads!  This will let you see the variety of activities to include in your classes and give you sample activities. So important is the GATHERING DRUM! I would not want to be without this amazing instrument. Floor games, Folk Dance, Small unpitched baby/tot safe instrument activities, activities for scarves, Beat keeping activities, Activities for Vocal Response. Log into www.lynnkleinersmusicboxcom, click Music Box Downloads.  Click on the left menu: Music Downloads. There’s lots of free recordings I use with Babies and Tots:

    Shake Those Bells

    The Snail and the Mouse

    The Grand Old Duke of York

    Ladybug Song

    Little Red Wagon

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    There’s also free downloads of the printed music and lyrics, click on Songs (or use the SEARCH feature)

    1. There’s more youtube videos on the Lynn Kleiner youtube channel.
    2. Watch an entire workshop with parents and toddlers and print out the detailed lesson plan!

     This and lots more in Music Box videos (use the search feature for this category, use baby, toddler, babies, toddlers and see lots of class activities so you see what to expect from these ages.


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  • Axel Lai Chee Gong
    Axel Lai Chee Gong Hello thank you ms Lynn! Im teaching early childhood too! I may look into the membership.
    February 5, 2019