Early Childhood Music, Orff Teacher Training with Lynn Kleiner

  • Introducing Simply Music Rhapsody, a new licensing program for early childhood music teachers. This is an exciting change to my annual music teacher training program and I’d like to share the big news with you! 

    Early last year, I was introduced to Neil Moore, president of Simply Music International.  Over the past several years, teachers  had told me that my program had similar principles and goals as his and that Neil and I often said the exact same things in our training programs. When we finally met and learned more about each other’s program, we were excited to work together. Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody and Simply Music International are thrilled to announce their new musical partnership.   

    Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world,  with Licensed Educators at over 700 locations throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  It presents a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano and keyboard method for those who would like to become piano teachers, or who would like to learn how to play piano.  This breakthrough program, created by Neil Moore, has students of all ages playing great-sounding blues, contemporary, classical and accompaniment pieces—immediately—from their very first piano lessons. 

    After working with Neil and the Simply Music program last year, I was certain that  this is the program I want for my own students and teachers who use my materials.  I have developed “Simply Music Rhapsody,” an early childhood music program for children from infants through elementary school, based on the Orff philosophy. Simply Music and Music Rhapsody have orchestrated a comprehensive, progressive curriculum that addresses each developmental stage and gives children an opportunity to experience themselves as musicians.  Their developing musicianship prepares them for Simply Music playing-based piano lessons and other formal instrument instruction.   

    Both Music Rhapsody and Simply Music have shared philosophies, the first and foremost being that music making occurs most naturally within a playing-based environment.  We believe in building a solid foundation of playing and making music before reading.  We are committed to students developing strong improvisation, composition and accompaniment skills.  We believe all this is possible because, without exception, everyone is profoundly musical.   

    The SMR experience is active, joyful and inspiring resulting in students who have a life long love of music. Through every stage of a child’s participation they are encouraged to express themselves musically.   

    Simply Music and Music Rhapsody together have the power to change the culture of music education. The philosophies, the music and the concepts from the two programs have been woven together providing a seamless flow from the very earliest stages, continuing through the musical journey . 

    We are excited to have formed this partnership and look forward to bringing Simply Music Rhapsody to music teachers and the thousands of students they impact with music.   

    You do not need to be a licensed Simply Music Teacher to be a licensed Simply Music Rhapsody teacher but hopefully you would have someone that would teach the piano program in your community. 

    I will be offering 3 trainings this summer to those wishing to become a licensed teacher.

    June 28, 29, 30  Redondo Beach, California  (this is instead of the 6 day training, days are 4 hours longer, 8am-6pm)

    August 16, 17, 18   Salt Lake City, Utah

    August 23, 24, 25  New York City, New York 

    The summer training will include the first ten detailed lesson plans for 5 separate age groups, birth to age 5, including Lynn’s tips for teacher, educational tips for parents, lyric sheets, printed music, DVD of every activity showing Lynn teaching her students, new materials and new recordings, piano music from Simply Music incorporated in the weekly lesson, classroom visuals, CDs for the teacher for each lesson and more! 

    The details on this program will be available March 1,2012 at www.musicrhapsody.com.


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