Napping, Sleeping, Calming Music Theme

  • The doctor’s orders for me to rest and a Teacher’s dilemma of children laying down during class got me thinking of a Napping/Sleeping/Relaxing Theme!  This is a great de-stressing theme for me, and maybe for you, your students and families around the holidays! Haha!

    So here’s what all popped in my head before and after my many naps as I recover from my “cardio event!”  The suggestions are from Lynn Kleiner books, and

    Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures Stars are Shining (and related activities for Stars in Music Box)

    Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too! Five Little Kittens, Sleeping soundly through the Night, The Old Grey Cat is Sleeping, Little Horses, your blankets are warm

    Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic! Wake Up You Sleepy Heads! (Hunt the Cows),Naughty Chicks (they won’t nap!) Chicks in their Shells by Mussorgsky

     Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! Run Run (features the napping cat, Adagio),Forgotten Dreams (use with the Music Box Download, Stories with Music plan for Snowy Day),Largo, New World Symphony – perfect for a goodbye or goodnight song – see new lyrics in Music Box Downloads for Goodbye Songs

     My Trip to the Mountains Sleeping Bag, Lay Down Boys, Take a Little Nap (Cumberland Gap)

     Jungle Beat The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Caterpillar (Butterfuly)

    From Music Box Downloads, Stories with Music – Mortimer, The Very Busy Spider

    From Music Box Music Downloads, MP3 – All the Pretty Little Horses

    From Music Box Videos – Nathaniel Willy Scared Silly

    From Music Box Downloads, Visuals  - Sleeping Cat (Adagio)

    From Music Box Downloads, Songs - I've Got Peace Like a River