Observing Orff Teachers

  • A great way to get new ideas and improve our teaching is by observing other Orff teachers.  You might pick up techniques on classroom control, see how to encourage participation, when to limit the student “ideas”, how to set up the classroom, transitions and more. Sometimes, we observe things that don’t work, saving us frustration in our own future lessons. Even when my teachers are using the same lesson plan, because the teaching is from an Orff approach, no two lessons are the same. The children learn that their ideas are welcomed and valued. They are encouraged to create movement, instrumental accompaniments, even their own rhythmic or melodic motives, ostinatos or compositions. Their contributions have an effect on the outcome of the music making. 

    Video lessons in Music Box offer a chance for teachers to observe lessons and workshops.Big thanks to Music Box member and Music Rhapsody teacher Ute for sharing one of her Rhythm Readers after school classes.These children come to Music Rhapsody’s after school program because there is not Orff in their schools.Click Videos to see a Rhythm Readers class and a variety of classes from infants - elementary, lessons, concerts and workshops.   www.lynnkleinersmusicbox.com.