Promo video for My Trip to the Mountains March 22-23 workshop!

  • As our new music teacher-book, My Trip to the Mountains, inches closer to the press and our mountain-themed workshop sits just around the corner, we are excited to present this little promotional video with some footage of an incredibly fun and enriching session in Texas! Please spread the word about this teacher workshop - we could not be more thrilled with the music, instrument making/arts & crafts ideas, games, recipes, and activities that have come out of this camping-themed project! Also, stay tuned for newly-posted material from previous teacher-book workshops that will equally instruct as it does entertain (let's just say there may be some turkey-wing flapping involved)!!  

    Click here to see our promo video!!


    Happy President's Day!! 


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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Music Teachers! Classroom Teachers! New to Orff? New to Ukulele? Want new ideas to bring music to your kids? Come and make music as you experience "My Trip to the Mountains" on the evening of March 22 and 9-3 on March 23. Consider staying at the hotel ...  more
    March 13, 2013