Music Rhapsody!! Simply Awesome!!

    Hello fellow music educators!
    As you may have seen in previous blog posts or music box events, the past two years have been a whirl-wind of new teaching ideas and projects with a number of collaborating educators! One of my biggest undertakings throughout the years has been a joint enterprise of my company, Music Rhapsody, and the revolutionary Simply Music piano method. In instituting Music Rhapsody we have found a way to smoothly transition our Orff Schulwerk-based early childhood curriculum into their innovative piano program, creating a rich, stimulating music education course for students at any stage of development! From birth to adulthood, every music learner can benefit from the exciting music/movement classes that are provided within the Music Rhapsody program. 
    The best part about it is that this curriculum is one that is meant to be shared with as many dedicated music educators as possible, and thus we have organized a method of training to share our thoughtfully prepared lesson plans and teaching styles so that YOU can share the beautiful gift that music education imparts on students and families of any age! Check out our website to see if you have what it takes to be a licensed Music Rhapsody teacher and to gain access to our four 10-week modules, which include concise lesson plans with teacher and parent tips, sheet music, video recordings of full classes and EVERY activity in the lesson plans, downloadable playlists of all of the music, and much more. We have trained teachers far and wide, and we are excited to share our proven curriculum with a globe-circling group of new MR teachers!
    For more information about the Music Rhapsody program, what it entails, or what we require of potential MR teachers, please visit or contact