Orff Course for Kids, Music Camp

  • I think of this as an Orff Teacher’s Heaven. Kids excited and inspired about a day full of singing, dancing, moving, recorder, instrument building, and electives such as “surprise” class, which will include a surprise each day. May be an activity for stretchy band, parachute, a passing game, Sound Shapes, arts and crafts, boom whackers and more! 28 years of presenting this music camp for K-8 students and I’m still just as excited each day. I was inspired to start the camp after attending my very first Orff course, a 3 week course in Arizona with Grace Nash and her talented staff. Every day, I had singing, dance and movement, percussion techniques, Orff process, recorder class, vocal techniques and body percussion. So much fun! I attended many levels of Orff courses, including two level 3s and two Master Classes (Richard Gill and Jos Wuytack) and loved these summers. Now I hope I can do the same each summer for the children who attend my Music Rhapsody’s music camp year after year.




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