Music Teachers in Music Box are My Friends!

  • Oh dear, this is just so silly, of course I am good friends with everyone in Music Box, why do I have to "Add as Friend"!? HA! I noticed this in Music Box "Members" today that I'm not "friends" with lot of you yet so I clicked the little “Add a Friend” button and made it all the way up to the "Js" (first name!). Please know you are all my friends. It’s because of you that Music Box can continue existing! It’s because you tell your teacher friends that we get more teachers, which allows me to add more content (Some of you already know, I have to hire lots of help with all this tech stuff!! Ha.)    You, my Music Box friends, you inspire me with your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to your students to make their music lessons the best they can possibly be.   So all Music Box members, please feel the friendship from me and the other Music Box teachers who think the same way as you do about children and teaching music!