Music for Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, and U.S. Hist

  • With Labor Day coming up, and a general need for patriotism with all of the global tension arising, the "Patriotic Songs" $1.99 lesson plan is sure to bring a smile to your faces and a warmth to your young Americans' hearts!

    Complete with Pre-Revolutionary, Revolutionary and World-War era themes, these songs and their supplemental lessons offer ample opportunities to share bits of American history and show allegiance to the wonderful country in which we live.

    From the mountains, to the praries, to the ocean-side towns of California - these American song lessons are fun and energetic way to bring a musically informational experience to students of any age and region! 

    Search "Patriotic Songs" in Downloads for the $1.99 lesson plan, and download "Over There," "Over There (Sing-Along)," "Yankee Doodle," and "Yankee Doodle (Sing-Along)" as FREE resources to accompany the American song lessons - provided by Alfred Music.  

    Let your fellow teachers in Music Box know how it goes or comment on the blog for advice on any of these lessons! Watch the "God Bless America" lesson on the Music Box Videos page and look forward to more videos of my students and our patriotic performances in the near future!