Orff on the Go!

  • If you have seen my "Orff on the Go! Advice from Lynn" video in Music Box, then you know that an

    Orff-class-in-a-box is not a myth!! For preschool Orff teachers who are always on the move, have a lack storage space (or NONE), or have limited resources to purchase Orff instruments, there are ways to teach the Music Box Orff lessons and truly give your students the musical enrichment they need and deserve!  

    I promise it is possible to have beatkeepers, woods, metals, high sounds, low sounds and more all in one plastic box! Small sized, but high quality glockenspiels and xylophones can be arranged to fit instruments for 12-15 students in each box. For most one box could suffice and two would make space for more barred instruments or unpitched percussion.


    Suggested items for "Orff to Go Instrumenatrium:" 

    - Plastic bin 28 1/2 X 17 1/2 inches (measured from the inside) 

    - Lynn Kleiner glockenspiels - amazing little instruments that come with mallets and removable bars


    - One-octave xylophones (1/3 - 1/4 the price of a regular, full sized xylophone!)

    - Two-octave xylophones - our beat keepers! One would suffice for our basses, but more would be great


    - Bubble wrap!! - please keep your precious instruments protected and safe! 


    With two beat keepers on the two-octave xylophone, more woods on the one-octaves, and as many glockenspiels as you need to fill out the metals, you could easily carry a box of instruments for 12-15 students! Well, it may not be easy to carry... but easy to compared to the struggle against budgets, space, and time! 

    And that is how to build your Orff Instrumentarium to Go!! Watch "Orff on the Go" in Videos to see how mine looks! 

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