Concert Plans for Preschool, Elementary with Orff

  • Orff pieces have been requested to the Mountain theme concert lesson plans found in Downloads in Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box.

    The concert plan includes songs for small percussion, scarves, movement but some have requested Orff accompanied songs. Since the request comes from someone who is doing one of Music Box's Hello songs in the key of C, I suggest making that an Orff piece with one class playing the Orff instruments to accompany as the other classes enter with unpitched percussion instruments. See the concert plan for ideas what each class will play as they enter. Let us Chase the Squirrel with the added poem with rhythm is in the book, My Trip to the Mountains on page 41. – Another C pentatonic possibility that the children will enjoy and can play Orff and unpitched instruments is Peanut Butter and Jelly, page 34. The same class can stay at the Orff instruments for all 3 songs or transition to another class for each song while singing "The Bear Went over the Mountain" and end with a solo "Bear" singing what he sees to introduce the next song.


    Then, If you need more Orff pieces, during the singing of songs with hand motions or simple props, have assistants take out the Es and replace with Fs. Now the instruments will be in F pentatonic for Rocky Mountain page 50 and Going on a Picnic, page 34.


    If you have purchased the Mountain Lesson Plans and would like the concert chart including Orff pieces, contact Lynn in Music Box and she will send you a plan to include this.