Orff Classes-The best Screen Saver!

  • Best Screen Saver – Making Music!

    Too much screen time for children is a frequent concern among educators, parents, even the American Academy of Pediatrics. Why does it matter how much media our children are consuming? It matters because of a child’s mental, physical and emotional health. Socially, children need a real life, independent of their cyber life so they learn to think, to socialize, to react, to problem solve and see the world. Children need to move to learn, not to mention reduce the chances of obesity and the health risks that come with that such as diabetes.  Excessive screen time means less time to play, less time to explore and be creative.  

    Orff classes involve moving, creating, exploring, problem solving, social interaction, timing, coordination, singing, counting, improvising, accompanying, reading, writing, expressing and feeling emotion, feeling human! Discriminate listening, respect, patience, kindness, manners and self-control also are yet another side benefit to group music making experiences.

    Parents, perhaps you also are noticing your screen time is a little excessive as well? Try one of our mommy/daddy and me classes or one of our piano or ukulele classes with members of your family or friends. You will notice more energy, more feeling, emotion and beauty in life.

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