Preschool/Kindergarten Orff Music Wish List


    A new music teacher proudly proudly proclaimed "My school gave me $2500 so I bought a Bass Xylophone!" After asking a few questions, it became clear that this was the only instrument the teacher had for the preschool and kindergarten students! Oh dear, I wish I could have spoken to this teacher first.  Music from an Orff approach means all the children are active in the music making.   We want all the children playing instruments, not just one or two at a time! Here is a Preschool INSTRUMENT WISH LIST (in order of priority).

    Order enough for everyone in the class plus adults, mention your Music Box discount when ordering from

    The Lynn Kleiner line of instruments are from Remo and have been safety tested for this age group.

    Hand drum with Mallet*

    Tone Block with Mallet*

    Maracas (straight handled)*

    Scarf Set (our set has 2 of each color, 11 colors)

    Finger Cymbals*

    Jingle Bells*

    Felt Board/Felt Sets

    Puppets (Cocoa the Horse), Pop up Clown, Farm Animals, etc.

    Rhythm Sticks*


    Shaker Eggs*

    Large Lynn Kleiner Gathering Drum (if classes are no more than 10 or 11 students.)

    LK Glockenspiels (6-8 )

    Lynns one octave xylophones and larger hand crafted xylophones

    Sonor 2 octave Alto/Tenor Xylophone (special order through Lynn), with 2 pairs of mallets

    Sonor 2 Octave Alto/Tenor Metallophone (special order through Lynn), with 2 pairs of mallets

    Sonor Soprano Xylophone (or)

    Soprano Metallophone



    1 Bass Xylophone

    1 Bass Metallophone

    *Enough for all children and adults to have one

    In Music Box, look for the coupon code on the home page, click Store to go directly to

  • Mara  Beckerman
    Mara Beckerman Lynn I have many of the things already, which is why it's time to purchase the xylos. Do you try to have one of your handcrafted xylos per child? Also with the Sonor Alto/Tenor xylos what price are they and do you still get the 25% off? (are they Global...  more
    March 12, 2014
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner I try to have an Orff instrument for each child in the preschool class and a balance of woods and metals. Its just not fun waiting a turn! This can be 6-8 LK glockenspiels, 3 or 4 one octave LK xylophones, 1 or 2 larger hand made LK xylophones and 1 full...  more
    March 13, 2014
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Oh, got it. This is exciting Mara! Yes, I love my Sonor Palisono instruments I have 2 pairs of mallets for the alto/tenors so when I'm using it for keeping the beat (in schools where I have no basses), I can have 2 players. Or if there's a big class, ...  more
    March 16, 2014