Gathering Drum Update!


    BIG update for my Music Box friends! I spent the day with the incredible Remo Belli himself, now 87 years old and as sharp and fit as ever, working on how to improve instruments for babies, children with special needs and people with Alzheimer’s.  He is so committed to making life better through making music. In on our day was the president of Remo and the head of product development. Remo is very committed to Music in Education (not just music education!). He shared many exciting developments including new Remo drums that are truly amazing, such as his new NSL (not so loud!) drums heads that can be used in setting needing a softer sound, whether that be for a child sensitive to high over tones a drum can have or loud sounds, etc.This is a wonderful subtle tone that everyone would love and a classroom next door would appreciate.  


    Among many, many other things that made my jaw drop, one I am quite excited about is the new version of my gathering drum!  Remo has been working on this for a while and has managed to make it softer (yes! My neighbors will be so happy!) lighter weight and even more attractive!He has also introduced the “at home” version that is just adorable.   Exactly the same look as my gathering drum but smaller for families to enjoy the same tapping, scratching, swishing and “boating” that we do in class!


    Now for those of you who have the same drum I have enjoyed for years and years, we can “fix” our drum by applying what Remo calls “the patch.”It is easily applied to the bottom of the drum head on the inside and it will make your drum softer, removing some of those boomy overtones.


    Need more ideas for your gathering drum or hand drums?Just use that Search feature in


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    Happy Drummin from Lynn Kleiner!

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  • William Rustrum
    William Rustrum Ohhhhhh. Wow. That is very exciting news from Remo. I can't wait to see the new version of your Gathering Drum. Good stuff indeed!
    April 10, 2014
  • Deanna Varagona
    Deanna Varagona Is the new drum available now?
    April 28, 2014