Shaker Songs


    Lynn’s Suggested Shaker Eggs Songs


    Songs of the Sea

    Sandy Sandy Sand*

    Wipe Out


    Spanish Music Rhapsody

    Cheki Morena


    Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too

    Silly Sam*

    Up So High

    Shake and Stop (with interesting ways to pose!)


    Our Favorite Shenanigans (see free Download for lessons for preschool, elementary)

    Hokey Pokey (instrumental version that will let you sing “put your shakers in, put your shakers out…”

    La Raspa


    Brilliant Beginnings




    Jungle Beat



    Music Box Download

    Colored Eggs  (lesson plan and recording are available in Music Box)

     The CDs are available at  Music Box members:  Use your Music Box discount code when ordering from the store.

    *Most Popular one!