Music Rhapsody FAQ's

  • With the summer teacher trainings around the corner, and many new enhancements made to the Music Rhapsody program in the last year, I thought it would be good to answer some commonly arising questions about the live trainings, online training and the SMR program in general.


    Q: Where will the live trainings be offered this summer 2014?

    A: - Kuala Lampur May 26 - 28th more info here.

        - Redondo Beach, CA June 27 - 30th more info here.

        - St. Louis, MO July 7 - 10th more info here.

        - Melbourne, Australia August 16 - 18 more info here.


    Q: What will I receive by attending the training?

    A: - Samples of detailed lesson plans & classroom visuals for each age group

        - Tips for teachers and educational tips for parents

        - Lessons on playing ukulele, soprano and sopranino recorders

        - Techniques on using puppets and props

        - Tips and activities for using the gathering drum

        - More information about Music Rhapsody materials and support (including 24/7 access to an online plethora of teacher materials, videos of every activity, music and more!)

    Q: What is Online Training?

    A: - Online Training is available at any time and includes online training videos based on the live trainings.  Materials, online lessons, articles, samples lessons with complete videos of Lynn's classes will give teachers the training to know each age group, infants - age 6, and be successfully teaching early childhood music education. A Skype session will include some testing, recommendations and a time for questions. Phone consultation can also be scheduled for questions and assistance.   Upon the completion of the training, we work with you to find the best options for resources, plans, recordings and instruments for your specific teaching situation.  


    Q: As a "Music Rhapsody" teacher, will I have to pay monthly Ed. fees?

    A: No. Pay only a monthly fee of $25 and receive access to the lessons, videos and recording on the MR website, administrative support from the Music Rhapsody staff, discounts on materials and instruments, a free membership to Music Box and so much more!! Whether you have a studio of 20 students a week or hundreds of students through a school, the monthly membership fee for SMR teachers is always a low $25!!

    Q: Who can be a Music Rhapsody teacher?

    A: - Any individual who attends and completes the MR teacher training can become an MR member. This membership includes site access to and These online resources provide materials, resources, and lesson plans that could be employed in a number of different teaching situations. Private studios, daycares, school classrooms, churches, and any other environment can be appropriate for teaching MR lessons.

    For more information or if you have questions about Music Rhapsody, please comment in the "Ask Lynn Questions" forum in Music Box, or e-mail Lynn directly at