Recorder from an Orff Approach in Music Box

  • I just received an email asking about my preferred brand of recorder, a recorder book, lesson plans and materials for teaching recorder from an Orff approach.  I use the Aulos, a beautiful 3 piece model.  Its more expensive but a very nice instrument.   Always go with the best quality you can.  The cheap ones sound horrible and a combination of cheap brands is even worse. 

     There is a variety of recorder materials in Music Box,, including video workshops with notes on process and music, songs and Orff arrangements for beginning to intermediate level which include teaching process and also stories with recorder (fantastic for the needed repetition of fine motor skills!).  A detailed set of recorder lesson plans will also be coming soon, but there's already an awesome lineup of some of my favorites in Music Box now, go to Downloads then click Recorder on the right side.   Don’t forget to go to Music Box Videos, there's a workshop and the hand outs for that are in downloads.   The Search feature in Music Box will help you find all kinds of recorder lessons which include movement, singing, Orff instruments, improvisation and FUN!

    Click Here to view our recorders in the Music Rhapsody online store.

    Thanks to AOSA for the opportunity to share my passion for teaching recorder many times over the years and also have the honor of bringing my students to perform at two national AOSA conferences.   I hope to see you at the AOSA conference in Nashville, November 5-8  2014.


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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner I have been told that both of my recorder workshops are filled. However, if you'd like to come, I need a few teachers to assist with a few things. Just email me, if you will be there and can assist in one or both of my recorder wo...  more
    October 12, 2014