Preschool Music for "Love Our Planet"

  • Homemade instruments using recycle items are a delightful and musical way to celebrate “Love our Planet.” I have many ideas for homemade instruments in In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music, Songs of the Sea, Farm Songs, Jungle Beat and My Trip to the Mountains. I think these themes celebrate our planet and so many of the songs in these collections are awesome when accompanied by homemade instruments! 

    Water bottles (I’m thinking of the ones that are ribbed) are great for a guiro.  Soak in soapy water to remove the label. Use the water bottle cap to scrape or tap on the bottle. If you want it to also be a shaker, put small items like beads, pebbles or rice inside and close with the cap.  Use a cap from another type of bottle to play it or use another item like a plastic spoon to hit and scrape.

    Toilet paper or paper towel rolls can be used to make shakers. Decorate the tube, add small water bottle caps, cover with fabric scraps and use glue or rubber bands to fasten.

    Old socks can be decorated to be silly worms. Add some small stones in a small dressing container, place inside the sock and shaka shake for “Lots of Worms” from Farm Songs and the sounds of Moo-sic.

    Refer to the instrument making section in the back of my books for lots more ideas.  

    If you type in Earth Day using the Search feature in Music Box, you will find more ideas.

    Happy Music Making!


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