Fall songs, Thanksgiving songs

  • Two of my favorite pairings for fall are drums and shakers. Powama (Brilliant Begginings CD and in the Simply Music Rhapsody curriculum/Playlists) and Shoo Turkey (from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic CD as well as the Simply Music Rhapsody playlists)) are awesome for a large assortment of drums and shakers. Place many assorted drums (tubanos, hand drums, any type will work) and shakers such as maracas, shaker eggs, cabasa, etc) on the edge of the parachute. Powama is a Native American celebration song. Using the beautiful recording of Powama (thank you Mr. Ernest Siva!), have the children stand around the parachute, playing the instrument of their choice. Please note that you should always have way more instruments than the number of children and more than one drum and shaker per child.... I use a samba whistle to signal when to move and dance around the parachute and I blow the whistle again to signal to stop and play a new instruments. For Shoo Turkey, play any drum on the two beats “Yes, Ma’am” and pick up one of the shakers and do a crazy turkey dance around the parachute on the B section for “Shoo Turkey.”  When the song returns to the A section, students stop, place the shaker on the parachute and play the two beats again on the drum for every “Yes, Ma’am.”


    Be sure to have these 2 songs repeated, Powama, then Shoo Turkey, at least 2 times because the students love to have a chance to play lots of different instruments.


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    Happy Music Making!

  • Theresa Cocci
    Theresa Cocci Hi Lynn,
    I just wanted to add an activity that my kindergarten students and I tried last week. They had learned "Shoo Turkey" and created the movements of "shooing" and tapping the beat on the words, "Yes Ma'am. They enjoyed this activity so much. After...  more

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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner Ah, little Maestro Bunny is adorable! Yes, he's a wonderful conductor. He is so talented! He plays an awesome peekaboo (the children sing "come out" and he peeks), sometimes doing one eye, then the other. He blows kisses, he can give high fives to ...  more
    November 27, 2014