Valentine's Day Music Class for Babies and Toddler Classes

  • Valentine’s Day music for baby and toddler classes is a great request Barb.   One of my favorite pieces of music for entering the music room and exploration on the gathering drum is Captain and Tennille’s Love Will Keep us Together.  Another is Love Somebody, now one of the free Downloads in Music Box. We play on “yes I do” on our little baby/tot Remo drums or keep the beat throughout.   

    Skinnamarink is always sweet for parents doing the motions for the baby (they love to watch mommy sing and dance!)  or use this as a rocking song, in lullaby style.  You can also do this as a folk dance, going forward right, then forward left on the A section.  Go in on “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon.   Go out on “I love you in the evening, underneath the ”  On “moon” dip baby, then return to forward right on "Skinnamarink...." and on “I love you” do  a dip, a spin and then a hug and kiss!

    Little love rhymes are great for beat keeping on the gathering drum.  Roses are Red is always a great love poem for keeping the beat.    We use our awesome Counting Felt Set for “My Love for You is bigger than…..” We use the number and the item.  You can go from 1-10.  These felts are colorful and fun for the babies and tots.

    Close to You is a beautiful song by the Carpenters that would put everyone in a mood for love and cuddles. 


  • Barb Bonisteel
    Barb Bonisteel Hi Lynn a big thank you for all the wonderful valentine suggestions! Just wanted to share that we did skinnamarink as a folk dance BUT had great fun with it as a peek a boo with scarves! We sang the first phrase, while hiding behind scarves and added a bo...  more
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  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner I love this Barb! Such a great idea!
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  • Rebecca Shackelford
    Rebecca Shackelford What is the "My Love for You is bigger than" love rhyme?
    February 11, 2018
  • Lynn Kleiner
    Lynn Kleiner "My Love for you" is in Module 2 of the Big Kids Curriculum. I shared the video in Friday's newsletter, this is the video from Module 2. The counting felt set is used in a lot of activities. Does this help you locate this Rebecca? Let me know if you need...  more
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