September Teaching Tips from Lynn

  • As we all gear up for the beginning of the school year, I prepare for family, friends, flowers, food and lots of air mattresses to arrive at our home in anticipation for our daughter’s wedding! We are excited to host many events and out of town guests over the next several weeks. If you are my friend on my Lynn Kleiner Facebook, I’m sure you’ll see what's going on here at the Kleiner's in Southern California.

    Now, let's review that important preparation to start the year off with the foundation for a successful school year.

    Check out these back to school suggestions:

    Moving : Want to get participation from even the most apprehensive student? Check out these suggestions in this blog for music and movement 

    Playing : Don’t forget the important tips and rules in introducing (and reviewing!) the Orff instruments. The right posture, hand position and mallet placement results in the best sound! Get those good habits now.

    Singing : And my favorite lesson plan and story to start off the school year, from our Rhythm Readers lesson plans, FROGGY! Get ready for SCHOOL!!!

    Stories ! Here’s the book ! Don’t forget to use your Music Box discount code when ordering.


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